Saturday, April 2, 2016


A late very hard rain shower just as I went to bed last night left another 2/10ths inch of rain in the gauge.
Market was slow today as expected on the week after a holiday but I did do some business and I am very thankful for what I did sell.
Hubbie headed out early to stop at Walmart then head home to mow the lawn for the first time this year.
Daughter came by market after having lunch with a friend and helped me load up things and then we checked out a couple consignment shops for  me a dress with no luck. We also made a stop at Mass General Store and both found things on the sale racks.
She headed home to fix supper for Josh who has been with some of the Boys and Girls Club teenagers as they competed for a college schorlarship and they won so he was happy.
I shopped at Aldi and Ingles on my way home for groceries and baking supplies to get a new routine started since market is now open on Thursdays.
Hubbie had finished the lawn and helped me unload then he headed over to daughter's to help her put out a load of mulch that was in the back of his truck.
While he was gone I sat on a heating pad and relaxed to ease the pain in my hip.
Hubbie came home just as I went outside to do evening chores. The wind is getting up and giving the air a definite chill. We are under a freeze warning tonight with predicted lows going into the mid 20's.
 Also the high winds warranted a wind advisory for the area. This map doesn't look like a spring time map !
This next week is going to be quite a bit cooler than the 70's we have gotten used to !!
The freshly mowed lawn looks neat in the late afternoon shadows.
I love these dainty little Violets .
And now there is four !!!!!
Hopefully the other 3 eggs will hatch also and hopefully she can keep all of them warm in their enclosed brooder box.
After chores hubbie and I settled in to watch the final four basketball teams battle it out to see which 2 go to the final game on Monday night.
Turns out it will be Villanova who blew out Oklahoma and UNC filled the other spot as they soundly beat Syracuse for the third time this season. Congrats to these two teams. It's hard to believe Basketball season is going to be over on Monday night. We love to watch college games but don't care for the professional run and gun games.
Hoping the power stays on through these high wind gust that are rattling the windows tonight !!
Grateful for all the blessings of this day and for the freedom to worship as I please my loving Lord.
God Bless and Good Night.


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