Thursday, April 21, 2016


G-daughter slept through most of my market morning preparations today which made it easier.  She was wide a wake and looking all around as we drove to town.
My friend Cathy took her for a walk as soon as we got there while I got unloaded and set up. I'm glad g-daughter just loves this woman and will reach for her to pick her up just like she does me.
Market was pretty slow today but I am thankful for what I did sell. G-daughter was very good today and happily greeted everyone with a big smile. She is a very social little girl !!
After market we ran errands then made stops at Ingles, Aldi, Walmart and Farm bureau Insurance to pay the auto policy. G-daughter stayed awake from Aldi on then went sound to sleep on the way home.
She slept while I unloaded the Honda then d-in-love came after her. She left still sleeping soundly.
Hubbie who had taken the afternoon off to do some "honey dos" for daughter at her house came in to help get groceries put away.
We both crashed and watched the news fighting sleep. My 5 1/2 hour sleep night is catching up with me this evening. I feel like I could sleep for days but there are animals that need to be taken care of and so I am up and outside to get woke up.
The second hatch of little Silkie chicks is starting to hatch today as this first little yellow head poked out to have a look at me as I changed her water and feed.
The clouds are gathering quickly tonight in front of a front that is promising to bring us some much needed rainfall tomorrow. I know all the firefighters that have been super busy the last couple weeks are looking for rain as much as we gardeners are.
To catch up on decade pics this is some old pictures from April 1966. My youngest brother has an April 3rd birthday and apparently this year he got a new bicycle for his 5th birthday.

 Older brother showing him how it is done and I see my bike in the background.

Heading to bed extra early tonight to catch up .
I am thankful tonight for a very blessing filled day and for the love of my Lord.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy to hear your headache ha stone away. I suffer from migraines also and going to bed seems to help me. Hoping you get your much needed rain. Have a great weekend. Blessings