Monday, April 25, 2016


7am on Mondays seems to come only a few minutes after I get in bed on Sunday nights !!!!  G-daughter went back to sleep between hubbie and I this morning for an extra hour of sleep. She isn't feeling well today and has a runny nose and red rimmed eyes, maybe just alergies !
After chores I got the weekly laundry started. Hubbie played with g-daughter while I did housework.
I had a large woven rug that was on the bedroom floor until last winter when I took it up and put it out on the front porch. I have been going to take it out to the laundry to wash it and just never got around to it.  I cleaned off the front porch today and hung all the upstairs plants out on the porch for summer,(hopefully) !!
I decided not to take all the plants out of the downstairs until a bit later because there is many more of those than the ones upstairs. I cleaned all the dead leaves off the upstairs plants and watered them when I put them in their summer spots.
After lunch I had my annual eye exam appointment so hubbie and g-daughter went with me to drive me home after my eyes are dilated.
Before we left we put the big rug in the Honda to stop back by the laundry to maybe wash it if the biggest machine isn't in use.
My exam went very well , he declared my eyes very healthy and hardly any vision change from last year. That was a good thing because I surely can't afford a pair of new glasses again this year !!
The big machine was not being used so we got the big rug washed and brought it home to ang up and dry in the nice breezy mid 70's afternoon.
It will reside in the living room for a while. It matches the blue furniture perfectly in here.
G-daughter went down for a short nap when we got home. She is pulling at her ear again and not having a really good day at all, bless her heart !
While she slept I did more laundry.I am still seeing what looks like a watery tunnel from the dilation drops but thankfully I haven't gotten the headache I usually get from this procedure.
#2 son came by for some of yesterday's left over spaghetti and g-daughter woke up while he was here.
D-in-love came to pick her up and g-son wasn't feeling good either so they went home early. At least she felt well enough when she got home to play peek -a-boo with her daddy.
 Re brought EL and BB by to go to a staff meeting before her work shift this evening.
They didn't feel good either, (what is with all these kids today ???) !!
Aa came in from work and helped feed them their supper before they went home.
We did chores and then relaxed for the evening.
With only these two pics for today I am finishing the April decade photos with a trip for daughter in April 1996 to Raleigh,NC to the Renaisence festival on a field trip for her 5th grade class.
 She is in the black t-shirt in this pic.

She is in the white t-shirt with writing in this pic.
Hard to believe this little girl is now 31 years old and getting ready to become someone's  wife !!
God has been so good to me through all these years with all the blessings that three kids can bring and I never let a day go by that I don't humbly thank Him for all He does for me.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Praying that all the little ones feel better soon. It seems children today get ill faster than when I was a child. Maybe we have "sanitized" ourselves so much that germs are mutating so they can still cause illness and todays children don't have any defense against these new germs? Hmmm, just a thought. Oh well, Blessings to you and the family.