Saturday, April 30, 2016


Up early to get chores done and get to market on another beautiful Saturday morning.
Market was pretty slow today but I am thankful for what I did sell. There was plenty time for visiting with friends who came through.
This is a "pano" view of my tables now.
Can you tell I was bored today but I did find the timer on my I-phone camera !!
Daughter and Josh came by right before lunch and dropped off some baked things she had then headed home to do yard work for the afternoon.
I left market and made a stop at Goodwill for some tea cups to add to our collection for daughter's wedding shower in June. I also made a stop at Stienmart to see if they had gotten any different dresses in than they had last time I was here. They did have a couple that might work if I don't find exactly what I'm looking for in my "mother of the bride" dress search.
I made it home at 4:00 and hubbie helped get things put away. We rested for a few minutes then decided to get chores done early as it looked like a storm was coming up pretty fast.
Just as I got inside the rain started. We heard thunder in the distance but saw no lightening thankfully. We got 3/10ths inch of rain in the first shower that came through before it got dark tonight.
It has been raining off and on all evening. So far a good slow steady rain but they are predicting some areas could get several inches of rain in a short time causing flooding.
It is 62 degrees at 10:30 tonight but no thunder has accompanied the rains so far.
As a very dry month of April ends with some rain it looks like the month of May is going to start off trying to make up the over 4 inch rain defecit that we are in so far this year.
Daughter sent this picture of her (in the short dress) with three of her basketball players at their senior prom tonight which she was chaperoning.
As this month ends seemingly just after it began for me I look back over a busy but blessing filled month.
For me April started my Thursday market days for the season and g-daughter has been going with me each Thursday. She seems to love the extra attention she is getting out there and it has been an easy transition for me and her. Although market so far has been pretty slow on Thursday as well as Saturdays but I am thankful for the business I have had as always.
We have marked several wedding planning task off our list this month as the bridal portraits have been made and we lined up my cousin Sharon to help with the organization of the big day and have already gotten through the first shower. They also nailed their honeymoon plans down as well as sent out the invitations.
G-son was honored this month for making the AB honor roll plus having perfect attendance for this past semester. He and his dad also spent a weekend at Camp Daniel Boone for a cub scout campout .
G-daughter has two teeth now and is growing so fast . She started sleeping in the crib this month along with sitting up and feeding herself finger foods.
We celebrated two birthdays this month as we had a late 3rd birthday party for EL as her birthday was on the 31 of March and she was sick and d-in-law A turned 34 years old on the 24th.
We got our early garden all planted but nothing much is growing with all the dry hot weather we have had this month. After one night of freezing temps at the beginning of the month it has felt like summer most of the time getting into the 80's on numerous days.
I have had two batches of chicks to hatch so far this season and both are doing very well.
As this month comes to an end the time seems to slip away from me with each passing day ending with me wondering where the hours went.
I am very thankful to be healthy and able to do all the things I do and continue to pray that it be God's will for me to have many more days ,weeks, months and years to enjoy this wonderful world He created for our enjoyment.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You really had a busy month. God has certainly blessed you. Blessings