Tuesday, April 5, 2016


7am came waaaayyyy too early today after staying up to watch the game last night and getting in bed after midnight !!
G-daughter went right back to slumber land for a couple hours so I had time to do the chores, have breakfast and devotions as well as get back on my daily sewing projects schedule making this large muslin bonnet and this apple apron from some material I found at the flea market last week.
As g-daughter played  I looked at the weather station and saw that at mid morning we are still at 43 degrees after 33 for the earlier low.
G-daughter is growing up so fast it is mind boggling sometimes as I watch her do things for herself more and more. Today alone we had 2 "firsts"
She held her own bottle with the special handles mom found for her.
You can tell by the look on her face she was really proud of herself !!!
After lunch when it was nap time I decided I would try getting her to sleep in the crib in the playroom. It is so much quieter in there and she can stretch out  as her little swing in the living room is getting really small for her. She went to sleep and slept for over an hour in the crib for the #2 first for the day !!!
While she slept I put away all the Easter decor and changed the bed and furniture covers for the month of April.
I used my wildflower collector plates for the decoration around the wood stove.

After g-daughter woke from her nap I vacuumed and laughed the entire time listening to g-daughter try to make more louder noises than the vacuum. I thought I should record this and send it to funniest videos !!
D-in-love came after her and I went outside to play a quick game with g-son. It is really getting cooler quick this evening. The high today was 56 degrees with a brisk wind.
All week we are facing some colder temps as the jet steam takes a dip over our area.
After chores and supper I took an evening walk again today. I think this walking is helping to free up my sciatic nerve and reduce the pain. As I walked I looked at all the fruit in the yard and said a prayer that the overnight lows don't get low enough to damage it.
Apple blossoms are in a very tender stage.
As are all our Blueberry plants.
The pears are done blooming and these tender little pears now load the branches of all three of the trees.
And more and more of the pretty Azaleas around the yard are popping open.
The air feels really chilled tonight as I came inside to snuggle with the 4-legged kids to their delight for a little while.
I am headed to bed early tonight to make up for last night's lost sleep.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and so thankful that I can rest in the peace that God's love can bring.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

G-daughter really is growing up way too fast. I love your apple apron and bonnet. Sure hope your don't lose any blossoms when the Polar Vortex arrives. I think it finally moved away from us as today's temps are starting to get warmer. Have a great day and blessings