Monday, April 18, 2016


Monday mornings always come too early !!!  This little angel went back to bed with hubbie and I this morning after her mom dropped her off at 7am.
She slept for an extra hour letting us get some extra zzz's also.
After chores in the 36 degree morning I wondered how the day was going to turn out as warm as the weather folks predicted.
Hubbie went to get a haircut while g-daughter and I had breakfast. #2 son came by to borrow a paint brush to do some work around his house on his day off.
When hubbie got home I went out to Bon Worth and bought the shrug that matches daughter's wedding colors so I would have it just in case I don't find a dress I like. They only had 1 left in my size and it was still on sale so that was a good thing.
When I came back I took g-daughter outside to watch while I watered some of the new plants I have set out. It is way too early to be carrying water this year !!!!
Hubbie was hauling some fire wood up to the shed .
He came in wiping sweat saying that would be the last firewood he would be dealing with until it was cooler weather because temperatures had reached 80 degrees quickly today.
We ate lunch then g-daughter went down for her long afternoon nap.  I did 3 loads of laundry and collected some things daughter called and needed for the Bridal Portrait session this evening.
She got off work at 1:00 and had her hair and make-up done. She got here at 4:15 and we cut a bouquet of flowers from the blooming plants around the yard. They were really pretty before they wilted a bit in this pic at the end of the photo session.
D-in-love went with us up to a friends farm on Sugarloaf mountain. The sun was perfect up there and she made some beautiful pictures of daughter. No peeking at her wedding dress before the wedding though !!!!
I know I am biased but my daughter is going to make a beautiful bride !!!!!!!

G-daughter enjoyed the session and watching all the excitement and watching her aunt T
We left there and tried to make it to another little white church for more pics but the sun faded too fast.
This was a perfect day for outside photos or anything else as it warmed into the lower 80's with all sunshine and clear skies.
We do need rain and it would be nice for this snafu rain percentage to be correct on Friday !!
Of course some parts of the country are getting more than their share of rain today as over 15 inches of rain fell in parts of Texas in as many hours causing devastating flooding.

And the latest winter storm, Vexo dropped more than 50 inches of snow in parts of the Rockies today.
And here around our area the humidity is so low the fire danger is very high.
There are several forest fires that are spreading rapidly and keeping fire fighters busy.

God has everything under His care and His will will be done. I am very grateful tonight for a blessed day and for the wonderful family and friends He has blessed me with.
God Bless and Good night

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linda m said...

What beautiful pictures. Your daughter is so very pretty and will make a beautiful bride. Our temps really warmed up the last 2 days -w well into the 80's. And the humidity levels really dropped with the warm temps - mid 30's. Today it is back down to the 50's with higher humidity. Had to turn the A/C on yesterday, today the heat is back on. Crazy weather everywhere. Blessings