Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Got an early morning unexpected workout today. After g-daughter got here at 7am I put her in bed with me and she went right back to sleep and we snoozed for about another hour. When she woke up I carried her to the living room and put her in the entertainment saucer while I let the dogs out for their morning bathroom duties.
While they were out I came back inside and found g-daughter needed a diaper change .
After that I went to get  Bernie and Dolly back inside. Bernie came running from below the house when I called but no Dolly. If I haven't mentioned this before Dolly is completely blinded now by cataracts over both eyes. The vet says at her age surgery is not a good idea and she usually does fine in her familiar surroundings. Not today !!!
Still in my pj's I go out and make a circle around the house calling her name but no sign of her anywhere. I came inside to check on g-daughter and get dressed. Back outside I hurried down the driveway to #1 son's house as I heard his dogs barking. I walked/ran all the way to the highway but still no sign of Dolly.
Breathless and back in my yard I once again checked on g-daughter then circled the house and went to the barn and garden, still no Dolly. It was if she had vanished !!
In a last ditch effort that was highly unlikely I hurried over the hill to my nephew, Marks house. His house has a very high rocky bank behind it and only one little path to get to his back yard. When I walked out on the rock bank out of the corner of my eye I saw Dolly headed down his driveway at a quick pace. I jumped through the narrow opening to the yard and ran to catch her.
This is her lucky day !!!!!  I have however no earthly idea how she got down that rocky bank or through than narrow path. She had no signs of a bad fall or scratches from the brambles that fill the woods between out houses.
As I huffed and puffed back to my house carrying her I thought this is not the day that God chose for Dolly to die that is the only way I she got to where she was and the only way I would have went over there looking for her.
G-daughter was happily jumping to the music of Sesame Street and smiling when I came in the door completely oblivious to anything that was going on,( oh to be a child again).
I did chores and then g-daughter and I had our breakfast , late but better than never !!!
We went downstairs so she could play in her new walker while I cut out and sewed up these 2 jean aprons.

Back upstairs we had lunch. I had a salad and grilled chicken breast and she had mac and cheese with vegies baby food.  Mine was pretty good and she loved hers !!
She shortly went down for her nap and I did housework while she slept for a good 2 hour nap.
#1 son  closed on the sale of his doublewide to my nephew Mark at 4:00 this afternoon so g-daughter got some extra time to sit on the porch with me and talk to the birds and bees.
When mom got here she and g-son and Pawpaw had fun playing a game of throwing the ball on the porch roof and catching it before it hit the ground. G-daughter thought this game was hilarious.

After they left hubbie and I constructed a little fence enclosure in the back yard out of some garden border fencing for Dolly to go out in the morning inside of. (no more morning runs for me !)
We did chores then he mowed the lawn. There was some high spots that needed cutting but for the most part this dry weather is stopping anything from growing at all even the lawn grass.
I got the 2 lawn lounge chairs out of the shed while he had the mower out and got them set up in the firepit patio.
We came inside and relaxed for a while before bedtime for a nice quiet night.
D-in-love sent me this pic of g-daughter and one of their dogs named Marley that is so good with kids.
G-daughter is going to be an animal lover like the rest of us it looks like !!
To continue the decade April pics these are dated April 1956 and are of me at the age of 20 months.

Grateful for all the blessings of this day and for His  devine help in finding little blind Dolly this morning.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

What a way to start your day. I would have had to go back to bed and take a nap after that "run". So glad Dolly was found and is okay. You sure were a little cutie at 20 months. Have a good day. Blessings