Sunday, May 1, 2016


Whoa!! What a night !!  Just as I finished blogging and turned the computer off last light the skies opened up with pouring rain , wind, thunder and lightening.
The rain sounded thunderous itself on our metal roof so much that there was no sleeping until it passed.
Finally I think the last time I looked at the clock it said 1:30. After that the rain slacked or I just got so tired I fell asleep anyway only to be awakened a short time later by really loud claps of thunder which sent the 4-legged kids scrambling to get under the covers with us. Their trembling thwarted any chance of going back to sleep until this storm passed.
With plans for today's Ikea and "mother of the bride" dress shopping trip to Charlotte now hanging by a thin thread it seemed I had just gotten back to sleep when the 7am alarm sounded.
As we looked out the window the rain had passed and watching the radar on TV the worst looked like it had passed for the day so we got up and got ready to make our planned trip. Surprisingly I emptied a whopping 2&1/2 inches of rain from the gauge. I must have slept through some of the hard rains for sure !!
This was the only day daughter could go in her busy schedule and d-in-love needed to get a crib for g-daughter at Ikea. We drove both cars. #1 son and g-son had planned to go with us and then them and hubbie were going to the big outdoors shop at the Concord Mall but g-son is still running a fever and doesn't feel like traveling so they stayed home leaving hubbie to shop with us.
We picked daughter up and met d-in-love at Mcdonalds to head down the mountain together.
Thankfully we didn't catch the rain that was moving through ahead of us this morning and by the time we arrived at Ikea the sun was shining.
Our shopping group !!!
This little trouper did great.

We had lunch in Ikea then finished shopping there about 2:30.
With daughter navigating we followed d-in-love over to the South Park mall to look for me a dress. I had done some searching on the internet last night and decided Dilliards would be a good place to start my search.
After trying on about a dozen dresses and narrowing it down to 2 we called for hubbie and got the sales clerks opinion of which she thought looked better on me. This was the selection !!!
I really like the color, not so much the sequins but I like it enough to get past that with the overall comfort of the dress. I also love the vintage look and the color compliments the bridesmaids dresses.The other finalist was silver with off white raised flowers on the dress.
Another wedding planning task marked off the list !!! Daughter also marked several things off the list with purchases she made at Ikea. Two months to go and I think we are really close to being ready !!
Daughter tried on a couple dresses she found for the rehearsal dinner but didn't like them.
We headed home about 4:00, only about an hour later than I had hoped for so that was a very successful day.
And thanking God again we missed all the rain and hail storms on the way back up the mountain.
These hail stones fell just above where we drove through about an hour after we passed.
Sorry we missed church today as this was the last sermon for our senior pastor but I can't say I'm sorry that I missed the tears that came with saying good bye after 25 years in this pulpit.
This is a pic of him in his office with the associate pastor  before the service today.
Mike you will be missed. Thank you for serving our congregation well and with a servants heart for all these years. May your future be bright and give you all the happiness you deserve. God Bless.

After dropping daughter and her things off at her house hubbie and I got home just in time to get the chores done before darkness caught us. We have both spent a quiet resting evening as shopping is hard work for folks of our age !!!!
So grateful for God's traveling mercies for both cars today and thankful for the many blessings along the way. Praying that this new month will bring me closer to being the faithful servant to my Heavenly Father that I strive to be every day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

The dress you picked out looks very nice on you. I think you made a good choice. I wish you Pastor all the best and may God Bless him.