Thursday, May 26, 2016


Up earlier than usual today to get ready for market. G-daughter was very co-operative as usual as I got things done and got us ready for market.
I love my market neighbors as Kathy was waiting to take care of g-daughter while I got set up and another neighbor, Albert carried all my cake racks into market for me.
It was easy for me to get things all set up then g-daughter bounced in her entertainment saucer making her tired and needing a nap back on regular schedule today.
When she woke she had some lunch in the high chair she has out there.
She was happy all day and got lots of attention from sellers and customers as I had a pretty good Thursday sales day.
She had her afternoon bottle at 1:00 and went to sleep which made it easy for me to load all my things and get ready to leave market. She slept through the bank and post office stops then woke up at Aldi as usual. She loves riding in grocery buggies !!!
The skies were very dark and I heard thunder and saw flashes of lightening in the distance when we came out of Aldi. It looked like a bad storm was coming but as I headed out of town to Walmart the storm seemed to be going away from us.
I carried an umbrella into Walmart just in case but didn't need it as no rain came.
When we got home it still looked like we might get rain as I unloaded the Honda but none ever came and on the news tonight this shows where the storms were and the big red circle where we live got no rain at all. Which is typical as this is the French Broad River valley and the rains regularly pass around us.
After getting unloaded I let g-daughter walk around outside her walker . She is wanting to walk so badly and has to be watched closely as she bravely turns loose and stands alone already. She is so proud of herself when she does this. Even after falling a couple times today she wanted right back down to do it again !!! She went round and round the outside of her walker today. Her dad walked really early at about 9 months and she isn't going to be far behind that I don't think. She has no interest in crawling she will just roll to something and pull herself  into a standing position.

Gonna be fun when this little busy body can get around by herself, haha !!!!
After d-in-love picked her up hubbie and I watched the news and dozed until chore time.
Hubbie had to go down to d-in-love's to get Sadie. We don't know how she got into their fenced in yard with their dogs but she is very sore tonight . She probably got scared as the storm passed and either jumped their fence or got in the road and someone lifted her over the fence to keep her out of the highway.  She ate her supper so she must not be hurt too bad.
After chores my stomach started bothering me a bit so I didn't want any supper. Have no idea what was wrong but thankful it was short lived and I feel okay now.
Blessed beyond belief and always faithful to my loving Lord !
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

i can't believe g-daughter is trying to walk already. Although my son was the same way - walking at 9 months. I think he spent about 1 week crawling and decide it was a waste of time. He could move faster and farther by walking. She is just adorable. Have a great weekend. Blessings