Thursday, May 12, 2016


This is a strange market day Thursday with hubbie off today. He is taking another day of his time that he has accumulated that he needs to use.  It was very nice to have help getting g-daughter and I ready for market this morning.
He fed her breakfast while I did chores then we got ready and headed into town. Not much traffic on the roads all the way there was a glimpse for what kind of day it was going to be !!!
After we got all set up hubbie left to pick up chicken feed and get home to finish the lawn mowing before the promised rain gets here.
G-daughter was really good today as usual with all the attention she gets out here. She makes new friends each week.
Sales were really slow today but I am thankful for the couple orders I had and the other items I sold.
G-daughter had her 1:00 bottle then slept the rest of the time away and slept through the bank and PO stops.This is a pic I took while sitting at the bank drive thru, 92 degrees doesn't look like a May temperature !

G-daughter woke up when we got to Aldi and had fun shopping in there. We went across the street to the plant sale at Lowe's. Re called earlier today and said she had found some really good deals there.
G-daughter and I also found some really good deals as we got sprinkled on with a passing rain shower !!!  G-daughter thought it was the funniest thing ever when the rain drops hit her bald head !!
We came home and ran through a torrential rain storm on the way but when we got home there had been only about 1/4 inch here.
Hubbie had picked up g-son from school and then made a trip to Sam's Club for a pizza for supper so g-daughter watched while I unloaded everything from the Honda.
She was in such a great mood this evening.
G-son faked a smile for me !!!!!
They both stayed here while their mom visited her dad who is back in the hospital.
The dark clouds filled the sky but as of 10:00 tonight we still are rain free.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for these two smiling faces that make up a big part of my world. I truly feel blessed each time I look into their eyes.
Saying special prayers tonight for d-in-love and her family.
God Bless and Good Night

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