Monday, May 9, 2016


Up early today as g-daughter only slept for about 30 minutes. Hubbie fed her breakfast while I did the chores then we had our breakfast.
She is not feeling great this morning with a very snottty nose , still hoping its her two upper front teeth that are trying to come in that is making her feel bad.
I gave her a bottle a few minutes early today so we could head out to have my Honda Pilot serviced and inspected at the local dealer where I purchased it. I get my first oil change free and inspections are free for the life of my vehicle if I have them done there.
I made a 10:30 appointment thinking maybe this would move me faster than just getting in the express lane. Have no idea if it was quicker or not but it still took over an hour for them to change my oil , inspect it and then they gave it a complimentary wash which was nice.
G-daughter was content to car shop while we waited !!  I think she liked this one dad !!!!

She spent a lot of time talking to this little girl in the window !!!!

After we left there we stopped at a Walmart and Aldi that were just down the road from the Honda place to do the shopping I didn't get done Saturday.
We made it home about 1:30 so it wasn't too bad and g-daughter slept all the way home.
We all had a late lunch and then we thought she would take a nap but she had other ideas so she got to watch us garden all afternoon.
She is not afraid at all of the noisy rototiller as hubbie tills in the lime for his tomato row.
We set out all our tomato and pepper plants and planted early squash, cucumbers and green beans today.  The soil is dry and we are expecting some rain later this week and this was a good day for planting according to the Farmers Almanac moon signs.
Hubbie also gave our potatoes their last hilling.
While we worked g-daughter watched the chickens. We laughed as she discovered by squealing really loud she could make all of them cackle .
After we finished the gardening g-daughter and I took a walk around the farm to look at all the pretty flowers. These Rhodie is always a pretty sight this time of year..
The first Roses of the season smell so sweet.
The upper pasture is so bright and pretty this year with all these little yellow Buttercups.
We came inside and took a rest then waited for d-in-love who is working over this evening working on the schools annual. She made it home around 6:00.
Hubbie and I watched the news and then did chores. A few raindrops sprinkled down this evening but not even enough to settle the dust, maybe rain will move in later tonight.
It has been cloudy all day with a high temp of 81 degrees.
The next few days we are going back above normal after the last several days of below normal temps for the area.
 Re called this evening and ask hubbie to come over and get a snake out of the kids playhouse over there. He said it was a little black snake that had took up residence under a piece of old carpet on the floor. He made sure that snake wouldn't bother EL and BB again but he said they were pretty scared when he caught it and brought it out of there.
I did three loads of weekly laundry tonight to end this busy Monday.
Thankful for the blessings of God today and for safe traveling mercies.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Looks like g-daughter was picking out her future car. She has good taste. My hubby and I both drive a Honda. Lucky you getting your garden in; hope you get some rain now. Blessings