Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Up to another cloudy dreary day. If the sun isn't going to shine I sure wish we would get some much needed rain  !!
Morning are so sweet at my house !!!!!!
 G-daughter slept in until 9:00 again giving me time to have breakfast and get my baking supplies ready in the kitchen.
When she woke up I did the chores then waited for hubbie to bring my 6 Araucana baby chicks in from the farm store. They are really cute and all look really healthy.
I promptly put them under the black setting silkie in the new box.
She clucked furiously as each little chick poked their heads out from under her warm feathers. I thought this was going to be a really  easy intro.

Back inside g-daughter was ready for her breakfast and some playtime. She discovered a new tasty food this morning when I gave her some pieces of cinnamon waffles.
I baked a couple pound cakes for an order tomorrow at market.
As I routinely checked on the new chicks and their surrogate mother from time to time I noticed things weren't exactly going along smoothly as the chicks who seemed to be several days old didn't seem to want to do what the hen wanted them to do. They wanted to eat and run around instead of stay under her warmth.
After lunch g-daughter in her stroller watched as I switched them into the bigger enclosed brooder box that I could put a light in for more warmth since the temperatures for the next couple days is going to be significantly below normal with clouds and rain.
The bigger chicks that are now about 6 weeks old will do better in the open smaller brooder box.
They are completely feathered out and still have mom to help keep them warm also.
After a brief walk around the yard g-daughter got sleepy so we came inside for her afternoon bottle and a nice long nap.
While she napped I did some paperwork ordered my 16th volume of my blog book. I had to switch book makers so I am excited to see what this book looks like . It was a lot quicker to get edited but there is not as many options as the first book maker I was using.
This years hurricane season is only days away and we have already had the first named storm for the year back in January . This is the predictions for the season.
These are the hurricanes that made land fall over the last 10 years.
Notice Florida has been spared for the past 10 years but predictions for this year  say that is going to change because of the currents this year, guess we'll wait and see.
This is the named storms from last season, which was a very uneventful season.
Grateful to know and live in the comfort that God is in complete control and He is loving and faithful in all He does with His children.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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