Sunday, May 15, 2016


Brrrrr !!!! 42 degrees feels ccccold after the warm temps we have had lately.  I wanted to snuggle under the warm covers for a while today but there are animals that need to be fed and turned out into the warm sunshine.
Church was good today as our interim pastor, David Horton, does such  a great job. 
We also approved the 9 folks presented by the deacons to be the search committee to start the search for our new pastor.
After church we cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs to go with oven fries, potato salad ,slaw and chilli for #1 son's family and Aa, Re and the kids.
Everyone had a nice visit then Aa and Re took their kids home for naps and the rest of us met daughter and Josh at Jackson Park for g-son's "rain make up" soccer game at 3:00. D-in-love's brother Tim and his kids also met us there. G-son had a big cheering group today.
This little girl had her two cousin's, Stella and Jed to play with today.

I gave my camera to Stella and she had a blast taking pics of everyone. I was very impressed with how she centered all her subjects after I showed her how only one time !!!!
 Her dad, Tim.

 #1 son and g-daughter.

I had to take the camera back so I could capture g-son's action as he played. He played very well today.

 Even though they lost the game the coach praised them for playing very well.
This afternoon was much warmer than yesterday as the wind wasn't blowing today making the sunshine feel much warmer.
G-daughter got a "horsey" ride back to the car on Neena's neck which she enjoyed.

 Hubbie and I came home so he could meet up with Aa to go pick up a free miniture donkey that Josh's parents were giving away. After they left I sat outside in the nice evening sunshine and admired the beautiful green scenery.
#1 son's family came back for a left over supper tonight and I played with g-son and g-daughter while they ate to end this weekend on a very nice note.
Hubbie got back and said they had a really hard time catching the donkey but finally Aa roped him and got him in the trailer. They put him in a corral Aa made for him at their house until he calms down.
Spent the rest of this very cool evening blogging and relaxing.
This is supposed to be the coolest night yet since the wind has stopped. 39 degrees, crossing my fingers that the forecast are correct and it doesn't get any colder.
Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled Lord's day and for the everyday miracles He creates each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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