Friday, May 13, 2016


Slept in a little this morning as d-in-love isn't working today so she took g-son to school and g-daughter is spending the morning with her.
After chores and breakfast I took a long walk around the farm in the nice refreshing morning sunshine. The breeze makes the mid 50's morning a bit cool. As I walked I took note of which fruits have not weathered the recent cold snaps we have had very well.
There are apples on the trees but they show damaging pits from the cold temps on the blooms.
It is the same story with the few pears that are hanging on our three pear trees. I couldn't find any pears at all on one of the trees.

We have absolutely no plums or peaches this year.
The blueberries are looking good and the blackberries are still in bloom so they should make it.

The grape vines are loaded with little green bunches.

The Muscadine vines are slowly getting ready for their late season fruit.
My roses seemed to have sprang to life with the recent rains.

This is hubbie's Asparagus bed that he made this spring. Even with his constant watering some of the plants didn't make it but others are looking pretty good so far.

All my herbs made it through this winter, the oregano,mints,thyme, chives, beebalm and sage are doing very well. I love to add these sage blooms to my salads to give a special flavor.

This is one of the mystery bushes I dug up at #2 son's last year as he did some early spring landscaping. Turns out this bush is another Weigela.
I still have a couple more bushes that haven't bloomed to let me know what they are.
Back inside the house I did my sewing project for the day as I made this large bonnet.
Then it was off to the kitchen to get the baking for today done. I baked 6 caramel, 1 chocolate, 2 pound cakes for tomorrow.

I had a late lunch as d-in-love brought g-daughter by so she could go back to Hospice to spend the afternoon with her family. Her dad is sleeping mostly right now so the end is  probably near.
G-daughter played for a while until she got really tired about 2:00 then she had her bottle and konked out for the afternoon.
While she slept I did some house cleaning then took a nice vitamin D break out in the sun. It feels wonderful out there ,not too hot with the breeze that continues to blow.
Hubbie got off work early to pick g-son up from school and they stopped by Dollar General on the way home so he came in with a new toy !!
 He ate pizza and played quietly with his new toy and legos while g-daughter slept.
She woke up around 4:00 and was happy to see her brother here.
We were very proud of g-son as he said he now could say that his grandfather was dying without any tears flowing. He said he cried when he told his teacher this morning but it was better now and he knew he was very sick.
Daughter came by to borrow some chairs and talked with him more and he seemed even better when she left.
D-in-love came in around 5:00 to feed g-daughter and see g-son then she went back to Hospice.
#1 son came after the kids later to go home and get ready for bed.
Hubbie and I did chores and then had snacks for supper as neither of us are very hungry this evening.
I sat out in the sunroom with the 4-legged kids this evening covered with a blanket in the coolness as another cold spell makes its way into our area for the weekend. Luckily temps are predicted to stay around 40 degrees at night so there won't be any more plant damage.
After a nice rest I iced my cakes and got things ready for market. Hopefully it will be a busier sales day.
Unfortunately I received a text from d-in-love saying her dad had passed away at 10:15 tonight. So sad for that family but not sad for him as he is finally pain and suffering free after many years fighting with diabetes and kidney failure. May his  Journey be quick and His walk with God be glorious. R.I.P. Tim.

As I say prayers tonight I pray for d-in-love, her mom and brother as well as all the grands, especially g-son who is the only one old enough to really understand what is going on. He is the lucky one who will have his precious memories of his "Papa T".
Thankful for my blessings as I go though each day ,may my walk with God here on earth be all He expects it to be .
God Bless and Good Night

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