Friday, May 6, 2016


Hubbie took today off so he can use up some extra time before it goes away at the end of the calendar year where he works.
He got up when g-daughter arrived at 7 and brought her back to bed between us. She must have loved the extra person in bed this morning as she slept until after 8:30 !!!
I got up and did chores and had breakfast then fed g-daughter her fruit and cereal. G-daughter and hubbie spent the morning playing and watching cartoons on TV while I baked cakes. I baked 6 caramel, 2 pound cakes and some lemon bars.
When the last cakes were in the oven I heard hubbie calling me from the living room. I discovered a real mess when I got there. G-daughter had pooped pretty much everywhere while sitting in her bouncy saucer seat and hubbie now had it all over him as he had picked her up without knowing about the mess she was in.
It was an early bath time for this one , an extra shower for hubbie and a good laugh for me !!!!
I threw all her clothes and the cover for the bouncy seat into the washer to end the messy ordeal.
We had lunch after we all got cleaned up then g-daughter went down for her afternoon nap.
Re picked me up to go out to the high school to the FFA's plant sale. EL decided to stay here with Pawpaw and BB got to go to the sale on his mom's back in the backpack and was a very good boy while we searched through all the plants.
I bought a flat of vegetables and a flat of flowers, Re bought a couple flats and daughter bought a flat so we did our part to help out the fund raising effort for the FFA.
G-daughter slept until 3:30 and while she slept hubbie put up my new boot shelves in our bedroom and I got all my boot boxes out of the floor where I kept kicking them over.
After g-daughter got up she played in the floor for a long time. She rolls over and over now and wants to crawl badly but just can't get the hang of getting her knees up.
After d-in-love came after her hubbie got a call from daughter that her car wouldn't start and she needed her lawn mower out of the garage that was blocked in by the car.
She has a rental car to drive until the airbag replacements come in for her Acura so she has only been starting the Acura once a week and the battery evidently has died. Hubbie took a charging box over and started it for her.
While he was gone I planted all the flowers I bought today in pots around the house. I also replanted my lettuce in the garden that has never came up. Some things are just now starting to come after the recent rains that have been planted for a month !!!
As I tilled the ground a little to plant the new lettuce seed I was surprised at how dry the soil is already after the 3" of rain we had last week.
The wind that has blown hard for the last couple days and is still blowing today has done a good job of drying things out.
With the temperature this morning at 42 and the high this afternoon at 64 with sunshine the wind kept it jacket weather all day outside.
The yard is covered with pieces of green leaves that the winds have torn apart.
I worked pulling weeds and grass out of my steps in the back yard until hubbie got home. He raked the gravel around the stepping stones back up to the top of the stones.
This is just one part of the yard that is de-winterized finally !!!
After chores I iced cakes and got things ready for market.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the family and friends He has blessed me with.
God Bless and Good Night.

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