Monday, May 23, 2016


After g-daughter got here at 7 this morning and got settled in the bed between hubbie and I and back asleep I slipped out of bed and used a pillow against her to make her think I was still there.
I did the outside chores while hubbie got some extra snoozing time with g-daughter this morning.
I had a 9am appointment at the social security office to sign up for my SS which will start in September. My birthday is in July and I found out today you aren't eligible for benefits until you have been 62 for 30 days ????  Wonder if anyone has changed their mind and went back to being 61 ????
Anyway that coupled with my 31st date birthday will hold my first check off until the last week of September. I guess when these checks start coming in I will officially be an old fart !!!!!!
The lady was very nice and the application didn't take long at all since I was the first one there to sign in this morning.
Another task marked off my May "to do" list .
I was going by the court house to get a copy of my birth certificate since I couldn't find one last night but there were no parking places this morning so I can get it another day.
Back home hubbie and g-daughter were having a good morning and she was very happy as usual.
She was ready for her late morning nap when I got here and while she slept I got the weekly laundry started.
Hubbie went outside to mow the lawn after waiting for the grass to dry from the 1/10th inch of rain we got in a shower last night right as I went to bed.
At lunch I fixed g-daughter her first meal of real food.
D-in-love brought me this little grinding bowl and it worked really well on some of yesterday's left overs, even the meat !

There is a learning curve to this different consistency of food but she acted like she loved the taste just kept rolling it around in her mouth longer.
She kept grabbing the spoon and then picking up the spilled food and putting it in or about her mouth.
After lunch she played with Pawpaw until she was ready for her long afternoon nap.
She slept almost 2 hours so while hubbie went back to mowing I moved the monitor around with me and finished laundry and then moved all the plants out of the basement into their summertime spots.
I cut off all the dead leaves from winterizing and watered all of them really good.
Another "May" job well done !!!!
G-daughter woke up just as I was finishing and she thought riding on hubbie's shoulders was hilarious !!!

D-in-love came after her and I finished watering the under the porch plants that have already been outside.
Hubbie worked on our lawn mower as it needs a new belt now. It is an older Cub Cadet that we bought new many years ago but we are replacing parts hopefully to get it to last at least through this season. Maybe we can look for an end of the season deal this Fall for another one.
I did chores this evening as the skies clouded back up. There is spotty rain showers around the area once again tonight so we might get another shower tonight.
Our garden has really took off with the recent rains. The potatoes look like they have grown a foot.
 On  a sad note today the Curb Market lost another member as my friend Linda Justice lost her battle with ovarian cancer . She was the one that started the jelly and pickle business just across the aisle from my table at market. Her three children now share the business since she has been sick. She was a good friend to me and gave me a lot of good business tips when I was starting my business. R. I. P. Linda.

 I am very tired tonight and my legs hurt from all the standing and walking I've done today so I am looking forward to an early bedtime. It is 10:00 and I am off to get a hot bath and hit the sack !!!
Grateful to God for the wonderful blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Congratulations on signing up for S.S.. Unfortunately I don't think you will be an old fart as my son tells me old fart status doesn't start until you are 70. But welcome to the "SS Club". Also welcome to the July birthday club. My birthday is July 25. Blessings