Wednesday, May 4, 2016


G-daughter went back to sleep this morning for an hour after she arrived so I had time to get the chores done before she woke up or so I thought !!!  While I was outside I could hear #1 son's basset hound continually barking down at their house. I've never heard this dog bark like that before so I went to check out the reason.
He was barking at something under a storage shed down there, probably a ground hog. Anyway I got my early morning walk in today already !!
G-daughter didn't miss me because she was just waking up when I got back inside.
We had breakfast and then she watched TV while I did my yoga tape and then baked cakes. I baked 2 pound cakes and 2 chocolate layer cakes . She took a late morning nap and I got my sewing project for the day finished during that.
These are 2 more little girls aprons made from the curtain valances I bought at the flea market last month.
After lunch we played and she belly crawled all around the living room while I finished changing out the furniture covers and did the house cleaning .
When she went down for her long afternoon nap I vacuumed and moped the floors in the living room and sunroom and did a couple loads of month ending laundry.
D-in-love came in just as she was waking up this afternoon. G-son was all better and feeling fine after this first day back at school this week.
After hubbie and I finished chores a little early we went over to GB shoes to their midnight madness  sale they were having tonight only. They were giving 30% off your entire purchase and hubbie needed a pair of work tennis shoes for the warmer weather.
I also found a nice pair of sandals to wear for the wedding while I was there at the discount price.
Back home I did the weekly paperwork and paid bills then iced the chocolate cakes and got things ready for market tomorrow.
The air is really chilly tonight with the high today only getting to the low 60's with mostly cloudy skies and a sprinkling of rain as we drove home tonight it definitely doesn't feel like summer tonight.
This is the "blackberry winter" lows forecast for tonight.
We are putting our faith in the weathermen tonight and not covering any plants so hopefully they won't miss it !!!
The folks in the higher mountains are definitely spending time covering up things tonight as they are expecting snowfall tonight and tomorrow.
Hopefully this will be the last tease that winter has to offer .
Thanking God for a blessing filled day and for the health that He blesses me with.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

What a crazy Spring we are having. The joke around here is that we all saw Summer last week Wednesday. WI is having another cold spell also. Blessings