Saturday, May 28, 2016


7am wake up call came way too early for me today after my late bedtime.
As I stumbled through the chores and got ready for market I sure hoped the day would be worth all the extra work I had done !!
I had 5 Silkie chicks to round up and take with me for a lady to pick up at market today. She is an egg customer and has been trying to hatch some with an old incubator with only a couple chicks hatched.
I sell 1 month old chicks for $5 each so she took 5 of the 8 I have for sale now.
Hubbie and I put them in an old orange box I had saved and put some feed and water in old lids  so I wouldn't have to open the box at market. The chicks quietened right down and no one even knew they were there. This gave me an idea of how to sell them maybe. I am going to make a sign and post it at market .It would be much easier than having folks come to the farm  to pick them up.
Market wasn't as good as I had hoped but it was a decent sales day. Most folks just walked through market on their way up to the street festival.
Re and daughter met at market and went up for an early morning trip with EL and BB. They found some nice deals on plants. When they got back poor EL was not feeling well at all.
Re took the kids home and daughter went home to mow her grass and help Josh do yard work at her house.
Hubbie had left early to get out of the crowded downtown and picked up groceries at Sam's Club on his way home to work in the garden.
Daughter came back at 2:00 and helped me pack things up then we went up on the street to see what we could find.
The temperature was mid 80's under full sunshine now and the streets were much less crowded than earlier since the day had heated up.
We saw some interesting and beautiful displays as we went up one side of the street and down the other.

 Loved this feed sack pillow but the price tag of $39 made me walk away.
 Daughter did get this with the outside trim being made from wood out of an old hotel that was torn down in town.

We found our share of goodies and made it back to the cars in a couple hours.
 She left to head back home and I went to Ingles to pick up some things for lunch tomorrow.
I made it home around 5:30 and hubbie and I rested while we listened to the evening news. The second tropical storm of the season was named today as Bonnie heads for the SC coast.
#1 son's family walked up to get some staples for g-son's stapler he won in the games last night and he got a turn carrying g-daughter in her carrier.

 After chores hubbie and I both were exhausted and spent the evening resting as we watched this beautiful sunset with the arrival of the clouds from the coastal storm's outer bands already making their way inland.

Grateful to God for a pleasure filled day as I strive to glorify His name in all that I do each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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