Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Up early to welcome g-daughter this morning. She appeared to be fully awake and had no intention of going back to sleep so I sat her in her entertainment saucer while I got dressed. But before I finished she was whining and rubbing her eyes. Oh well so much for the earlier start today !!!
She had to have that short morning nap and after she woke up I resumed my morning routine.
I was still feeding the chickens when Re brought EL and BB over to stay while she went to the eye doctor.
G-daughter was so happy to have company to play with today !!! She loves EL and is entertained just having her in the same room.
She loves BB also but he is not so sure he likes her aggressive nature !!!
After mom came to pick them up after her appointment g-daughter was ready for a late morning nap after her exciting morning.
While she napped I did housecleaning and had lunch.
She had a late lunch when she woke up.
She was content to play and watch her favorite cartoons all alone this afternoon.
She got hungry and sleepy again in a couple hours so she slept the rest of the afternoon away.
Today is a nice warm mostly sunshiny day with clouds promising rain fleeting quickly across the sky.
We need rain again as things get dry and forest fires start breaking out again.
But I had rather have our weather than what folks out west are going through with Montana getting a heavy snow storm .
And Oklahoma and many of the "tornado alley" states getting punished with numerous tornadoes day after day.

Praying that all these folks are safe out in the paths of these storms.
G-son came back tonight to wait for his dad to get home from work to take him to soccer practice after his mom went to music practice at church. After he ate a good supper we played "tennis" outside using the grape vines for our net, it was fun !!
Daughter came by with some barn wood for hubbie to make some signs for the wedding out of. She is going to have a friend write the "love" Bible verses from 1st Corinthians on them and lean them against the ends of the rows of chairs.
Hubbie and I did chores and then had a turkey breast that I had in the pressure pot with some asparagus from the grill for our suppers.
I watered my potted plants again tonight giving up on the rain for today. Then I had some time to cut out some bonnets to sew up when I get time for my daily sewing projects again. I cut out 4 large and 1 baby bonnet.
I came in and did the month ending figures to put April in the books as my business slowly picks up the April figures are  becoming a little more encouraging .
Well this has been a full day but I still came up short by 3 things on my "to do" list for today. Adding them to tomorrow to make that another really full day.
Thanking God for the blessings of today and praying that all I do glorifies His name and thankful for His continuing grace.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I would be so happy to sen you some of our rain. But like you I will take it over the snow and tornadoes. After the morning fog lifts and the grass dries out a bit after yesterday's rain I need to mow the lawn as it has grown considerably since last week when I mowed. Blessings