Wednesday, May 11, 2016


G-daughter went right back to sleep this morning and slept until 9:30. I got up at 8:30 after laying there for 30 minutes watching her slumber thinking she would wake up any minute as she usually does. I pushed pillows on each side of her and turned the monitor so that I could watch her when she finally woke up and got up to get my day started.
I let the dogs out and had a leisurely breakfast still watching her sleep.
She woke up smiling and talking at 9:30 so after I got her settled in the entertainment saucer I went outside to do the rest of the morning chores. The hens were patiently waiting for their morning corn.
I fed g-daughter her breakfast and then she watched while I sewed up a large bonnet that I cut out yesterday.
She was so happy all morning and acted like she felt so good after that long nap.
I baked 4 pound cakes before we had lunch. She isn't eating her food good today. We are switching to the next step which is a little more solid and she is going to have to get used to it.
After lunch we played until she got really sleepy about 1:45. She had her bottle and was down for her afternoon nap in just a minute.
While she slept I did housework and took a nice break out in the mid 80's day. There are clouds in the sky which are keeping it from feeling so hot but it is very humid.
When the sky totally clouded over and I heard thunder in the distance I came inside and worked on my decade photos for the month of May.
This is a newspaper clipping about a mail shortage published in May 1946 that I found in one of my aunt Hattie's scrap books.
Up until a couple years ago North Carolina's primary election was in May. My aunt put this 1946 primary ballot in her scrap book. I do recognize a couple of the names from hearing my dad talk.

The thunder rumbled all around us this evening but no rain here. Hubbie spent the evening mowing the lawn and I took all the winter plastic covers off my chicken house windows.
The storms around us have left the air very muggy and humid outside and I sweated a gallon just moving around out there. Even at 10:00 tonight the temperature is 65 degrees.
I got all the weekly paperwork done plus paid bills before watching Survivor on TV.
After the show I got things ready for market and then headed for bed a little early since I didn't have any cakes to ice tonight.
I caught up all but one of my yesterday's task along with all of today's so hopefully before weeks end I will have all of this week's "to do's" caught up.
Grateful for the blessings of the day and for a loving caring Lord.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Those ballots are very interesting. I am surprised anyone kept them. Sorry you didn't get your much needed rain. Wish I could send you some of ours. Blessings