Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Woke to a 2 grandchildren day today. With g-son feverless now after a couple doses of medicine but still not feeling up to par he is staying here with g-daughter and I today while mom goes back to work.

G-daughter finally went back to sleep for about 45 minutes this morning. She knows her brother is in the living room and that's where she wants to be !!!
He ate waffles for breakfast then I did the morning chores. The rain gauge had another 6/10ths inch of rain from some pretty bad thunder and lightening storms again overnight. At least I slept through most of them this time.
I had breakfast and fed g-daughter then they watched TV while I did some housecleaning.
G-daughter took a long late morning nap and slept through our lunch.  She finally woke up around 1:00 and ate her lunch.
The day is partly sunny and upper 70's but there is too much mud out there to go outside to play today. G-son doesn't act like he wants to move around much anyway as he says his leg is not working correctly this afternoon ?????
I changed some of my monthly decor today and put some things back in the attic until next spring.
G-daughter woke up so late she didn't want to go back down for another nap this afternoon. She played in the floor and watched her brother all afternoon. I think she is very glad to have his company today!!
When d-in-love got here g-son was crying with his legs, saying they just wouldn't work . I finally got him up to stand on them and he got better. I thought it might be a side effect of the medicine he is taking but he seemed to get better after putting weight on them for a while.
They left and went home for g-daughter to get a late nap and I rested while I watched the news.
When I did the chores I heard peeps coming from the last setting Silkie and when I checked I saw three little cuties so far.
I feel sorry for another black Silkie hen who wants to set so badly but there just isn't an open brooder box for her !!
After chores hubbie went up to the hospital to see his aunt Allene, his mom's sister who has just been diagnosed with bone cancer. She has had memory loss for several years and hubbie wasn't sure she even knew who he was but at least he had a nice visit with his cousins.
While he was gone I went thorough some clothes and am getting a "goodwill" bag together .
These blooms always make me nervous even though they are very pretty and produce yummy berries.
And just as they bloom here comes "blackberry winter" as the air this evening has a totally different feel to it than it has the last several weeks. At least the temps are not going down to freezing but there is snow predicted for the higher mountains Thursday night and that 56 degree high is going to feel downright cold after these 80 degree days!!
Grateful for the love of Jesus Christ tonight and the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Wow, things sure a blooming out around you. Seems like cooler temps are creeping in all over the country. Our high today is 50 after yesterdays 70. Blessings