Saturday, May 7, 2016


Up and off to market on another cool 44 degree morning. I changed my mind and put long pants on this morning instead of the capris I had laid out, glad I did as the breeze kept the day very cool.
Market was surprisingly slow on this Saturday before Mother's Day.  I was thankful for the couple orders I had and the few things that I did sell.
With market empty of customers around 12:30 I decided not to have hubbie come back for the last hour of market while I got ready for daughter's bachelorette outing , instead I just packed up early and headed home.
Hubbie helped get things unloaded and put away and get the Honda cleaned out as I am one of the drivers today.
I hurriedly changed clothes and grabbed a snack before going down to pick up d-in-love and Re . We were meeting everyone else in the parking lot at Pier One to leave their cars.
Kendra was the other driver and we also picked up Jessica there. We are meeting everyone else in Asheville.
First stop was in midtown Asheville at the Hotel that this "pubcycle" runs out of.
Me, Andrea,Megan,Tyler (our driver), daughter, Re,Jessica,Kendra (in front), Suzanne (in back), d-in-love (in back) and Rebeca (in yellow). Our pedaling crew !!!
It was a great time as we pedaled this thing through down town Asheville for 40 minutes. We got to see some of the sights close up that are hard to see from a car. And this was a much slower better view !!

Everyone had a blast with the loud music and our driver's antics along the way !!
From there we headed over to Biltmore village to shop around for about 45 minutes before dinner. I found a necklace and earrings to go with my dress for the wedding at a little shop called Charmin Charleys.
We had dinner at Hickory Tavern and it was very good. We were joined there by Connie (josh's mom), Carrie (Josh's sister) and Kristen (Josh's SIL).
Daughter was presented with some little gifts while we waited for our food.
Then we walked down the street to "Painting with a Twist" where we all painted a picture.
This is Jessica and daughter as we take our places and get ready to paint on these blank canvases.
The first several steps gave us this which doesn't look like anything yet.
Then I added Jars and flowers  !!
This is my finished painting which I was really surprised that turned out like this. I did add some personal touches to it.
Everyone's look different after your personal touches and it was loads of fun for everyone.
Front row,from left , Kendra,Jessica,Andrea,Me, Kristen
Back row, from left , Megan, Re, daughter, d-in-love, Connie, Carrie.
And this is the original example we were trying to create.
It was a great outing for daughter and everyone had a great time.  A big thanks to Kendra for putting all this together for us !!!
I made it home around 10pm.
We couldn't have asked for a nicer day for this outing as the bright sunshine was glorious with the low 70's temperature.
Hubbie had went with #1 son to see g-son in his second Flat Rock playhouse play that he has been practicing each Monday after school for. He said he did a great job and g-daughter was well behaved.
Thanking God for a wonderful day and for blessing daughter with so many wonderful friends and family. And Thankful to God for blessing me with an amazing daughter .
God Bless and Good Night.

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