Sunday, May 29, 2016


A nice cool cloudy Sunday morning greeted us today. After chores I had time to have a nice breakfast instead of the usual hurried meal bar and coffee while I cook things for lunch. Since lunch is a crock pot full of beef stew which has cooked all night and a 7-layer salad which I made last night along with a big cake of cornbread the only thing left to do this morning was heat up the corn on the cob.
It's nice to have a Sunday morning like this every once in awhile!!!
Church was good today from Mark 8:36-37.
Our lunch bunch was #1 son's family, daughter and Josh and Aa's family. Poor EL had to be taken to the Urgent Clinic early this morning and she has an ear infection. Bless her heart.
She didn't act too sick but neither her nor BB would eat any lunch today.
They left shortly after we ate to go home after a long night.
One of g-son's friends, Walker , came home from church with him and they played outside after they ate until it started raining.
They all went home so the boys could play games on their I-pads. And this little girl got a nice relaxing nap on her dad's chest as the cool afternoon made porch sitting comfortable.
Hubbie who was late getting here for lunch from a short Deacon's meeting cleaned up the kitchen. I am tired today from the activities of the last couple days and just did nothing all afternoon which was really nice.
We turned our air-conditioning on last night for an early turn on this year as we usually at least make it through May before I don't get to wake up to the sounds of birds singing !!
The rain sprinkled around all afternoon but never really even dampened the dust . As tropical storm Bonnie makes landfall near Charleston,SC she is dropping flooding rainfall in the area closing roads , including interstate 95 in places.
This evening the temperature really cooled off as if it had hailed somewhere and a beautiful rainbow appeared out of nowhere without any previous rainfall.

To finish out the decade pictures for the month of May in 1996 daughter and #2 son  had spring pictures made.

Daughter graduated from the "Dare" program that was put on at all the elementary schools during those times to warn students about drug use.
She is receiving her completion certificate in this blurry pic.
And she is in the center of these pics with her classmates.

Unfortunately due to money shortage this program has stopped but is trying to be revived now under the name "camp Glow".
Grateful to God for a restful Sunday filled with reflective time and wonderful memories.
God Bless and Good Night.


Betsy Adams said...

You are looking GREAT, Marilyn... I always enjoy reading your posts and watching those grandchildren grow like weeds.

Happy Memorial Day. Let's never forget those men and women who served and gave so much for our FREEDOM.


linda m said...

Happy Memorial Day to you. Great pictures.