Tuesday, May 31, 2016


As a dry month of May comes to an end we finally get some much needed rain as a rain late last night left 1/2 inch in the gauge this morning.
G-daughter didn't want to go back to sleep this morning so I got my day started early. While she watched TV I did the chores and then we both had our breakfast.
We had our morning walk which was under partly sunny skies but I could feel the humidity level rising as I walked.
Things always look so much brighter the morning after an overnight rain .
These Kousa Dogwood blooms seemed whiter today.
I am really loving these "clearance sale" flower pots I got from Lowes that hang on both sides of the back sunroom door..
As we passed the barn these three juvenile Doves looked as if they were debating whether to fly away or sit motionless hoping we didn't notice them.
As we came back inside g-daughter wanted her morning bottle early then she went down for a 1 1/2 hour nap.
While she napped I did housecleaning.
When she woke up we had lunch then she played while I did some vacuuming  so I wouldn't have to do it while she took her afternoon nap. She isn't feeling up to par today . We are hoping it is just her teething woes. D-in-love called the doc but decided against taking her into the office with all the sicknesses going around right now until she gets worse.
She went down for another 2 hour nap only a couple hours after she woke from the morning nap.
I finished housework and then listened to the rain fall outside as another 1/2 inch fell soft and steady this afternoon.
One of our 4-legged kids , Bernie hasn't been feeling well at all. At first we just thought it was probably his enlarged heart but hubbie happen to see him poop the other day and noticed what might be tapeworms. Hubbie dropped a fecal sample off at the vet's office this morning and they called this afternoon with the news that he does have tapeworms and also whip worms. He had to have more meds to add to his already healthy number of pills tonight to get rid of these parasites. He doesn't have a bad case of either and hasn't lost weight or had any other signs of worm infestation so maybe this will be an easy fix for him and make him feel better.
After d-in-love picked up g-daughter this afternoon I met daughter at the rental car place to turn in the rental car the Acura dealership had rented for her until they put a new airbag in her Acura. They finally fixed her car yesterday.
As this month of May comes to an end it has flown by as all the months lately seemed to have done.
On the first Sunday of this month our long time ,25 year, pastor preached his last sermon as he left taking a job with the Carolina Baptist as Minister of Missions.
 The weather for the month has been mostly cooler than normal with Blackberry winter coming at the beginning but getting only to the mid 30's for a few nights. We had only a small amount of rain this month as our garden vegetables we have planted haven't grown much at all. Even with little rain the Azaleas bloomed beautifully this year along with Iris, Roses and several other flowers in my yard.
 I made a trip to Charlotte at the beginning of the month with daughter and d-in-love to pick out a "mother of the bride" dress and we stopped in Ikea while we were there to make a full day of it.

G-son had a case of strep throat to begin the month but otherwise we have dodged the sicknesses that have been all around thankfully.
The wedding plans are getting more intense as the big day draws near. We had a bachelorette outing in Asheville for daughter and it was great fun as we pedaled the "pub cycle" all around downtown Asheville for 40 minutes before have a nice dinner and then painting at "Painting with a Twist".

 I had a wonderful Mother's day with all the kids here for lunch and some wonderful gifts.
We had a very sad Friday the 13th as d-in-love's dad passed away on this day after much suffering with kidney failure and a terminal infection where they amputated his leg. This is a picture of Tim and my #1 son fishing in Alaska several years ago.

 G-son had soccer games on every Saturday and a couple times I got to go see him play.

As usual for this month I have all my brooder boxes filled with chicks, even purchased some green egg layer chicks to ensure my green egg production will continue.
 I felt old this month as it came time for me to sign up for social security.
I ended the month with some fun things as we attended the "Knight's relay for life" carnival out at the high school with the kids and then went to the Garden Jubilee uptown.
We celebrated one birthday this month as Josh turned 36 on the 16th with a dinner at Outback .

 I got to spend a lot of time with g-son and g-daughter this month that makes each day special and fun watching them grow up and change each day.
And I can't believe this little girl is growing up sooooo fast !!!  38weeks today !!!!

The month ended with the second named tropical storm of the season coming into Isle of Palms, SC on the 28th bringing flooding rains that closed several major roads.
Memorial day ended the month with grateful thanks for all the brave men and women who have lost their lives fighting for the freedom of this great country we live in.
Our garden is coming along slowly with little rain this month.
 Our potatoes have the tallest vines we have ever had, hope this doesn't mean there is no potatoes under them !!! ???  The rabbit guard is 28 inches tall and these vines tower above it.
This beautiful sunset among the clouds ends this final day of May 2016 as I bow my head and humbly thank Lord Jesus for all the blessings I received during this month and for His unconditional love shown to me each and every day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You certainly ha a very blessed month. Glad you finally got some much needed rain. I love your last picture of the sunset amongst the clouds. Blessings