Saturday, May 14, 2016


Up and off to market on this cool Saturday morning. As I drove out the road I wondered how my friend ,Deb, d-in-love's mother felt this morning as she woke to her first day of being a widow after 34 years of marriage ???? I'm sure it will be a very hard day for her as well as all the family.
Market was slow again today. I am beginning to wonder when and if sales are going to pick up this year, but maybe I feel like this every year !!
After market I stopped at Aldi for baking supplies and tomorrow's lunch supplies. Then I headed over to Jackson Park to watch g-son's soccer game. They haven't told him about his "Papa T"'s death yet. They are going to do it after the game.
he played well and looked like he was having fun !!

And this little beauty cheered her brother on !!!
After the game I stopped at the farm outlet for fresh vegetables and then went by Sam's Club to ask about my phone which has been shutting down without my knowing it at times . They changed one of the settings and said that had been fixing this problem for other folks with the I-phone 6.
Hopefully it will work for me but it seems that the setting they changed would not have anything to do with what my phone is doing but it's worth a try.
I made it home around 5:00. Hubbie helped me unload and get things put away. We rested for a few minutes then decided to cook a nice supper tonight. Hubbie put baked potatoes and smoked chicken breast in the oven and I sauteed some Bok-Choy I bought at market on Thursday with one of the fresh Vadalia onions a friend of hubbie's brought us last week.
Our supper was delicious.
After chores I sat out in the sunroom under a blanket and watched darkness come. It is very cool tonight even with the temp still at 53 the wind is really chilling it down. Hope these low temps don't get any lower than predicted!!!

Daughter and Josh went hiking on the parkway today and she said it was really cold up there !!

Hubbie and I have spent a relaxing Saturday evening.
Praying for d-in-love's family tonight and thanking God for my blessings of this day and the beauty He graces us with in His creations.
God Bless and Good Night.

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