Friday, August 12, 2016


The sun is trying it's best to break thru the clouds this morning as I did morning chores. I had breakfast of  some of our fresh blueberries that are still hanging on with my oatmeal,and devotions then decided to take a walk and hope the rain didn't run me back inside.

I neglected posting August garden so even almost 2 weeks late this is our garden.

The pumpkins and winter squash we planted late are really doing well.

And even the Kale greens hubbie planted last week look like  they all came up.

As I walk I notice the Crepe Myrtle hubbie cut back to a stump a couple years ago is blooming this year.

These Rose of Sharon blooms are showing off as well right now .

And the Butterfly bushes are obliging the many butterflies that are flitting around the yard.

With all the rain recently we have a greener view from here than the regular hazy days of August's dog days.

Back inside I started my baking for the day, I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate,  3 pound and 1 blackberry wine .
I had a late lunch then took a rest break and caught up more on my blog book reading out in the still intermittent sunshine.
When hubbie got in from work he started weed eating  our jungle that all this rain has caused to grow and grow.
I did July month ending paperwork and ended up having a decent July only about $500 short which accounts for the loss of the  Green River Preserve account.
Josh and daughter came by to show us a Hyundai Tousan SUV they are thinking about leasing and selling daughter's little Acura car. The Tousan was nice and had lots more room than her car for sure.
Aa came by and brought a dozen ears of corn by that he had picked from the neighbor's extra.
The sunset was really beautiful tonight with the clouds still hanging around but we got no rain today .

I spent the rest of the evening icing cakes. During my icing I actually got a "vision fissure" migraine but thankfully a couple Tylenol helped me make it through the evening and getting everything ready for market. I made it to bed about 11:30.
God is so awesome and I am so thankful for the blessings each day brings.
God Bless and Good Night

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