Wednesday, August 31, 2016


 Weeeellllll !!!!  Today is a totally unexpected venture for me. I had jury duty plans for today but when I called the number on the card late last night I was told my services were not needed. After some joyous shouting I told hubbie we should do something since I already had all my baking done. He suggested we go to the flea market in Pickens,SC. We typically don't go down there in hot weather but we decided to get up at 6;00 and head out.
Even with our best intentions we didn't get on the road until 7:30. The flea market was not  crowded at all and for the first time ever we parked in the front parking lot midway between all the sheds.
There were lots of empty tables as I guess the heat just is too much this time of year and I can attest to that as I had so much sweat dripping in my eyes by 10am it was crazy .
Hubbie and I had taken a couple bottles of water each with us and had to buy more to try to stay hydrated with all the sweating.
Most of the vendors were packing up before 11am and the vendors under the sheds weren't far behind. We made our way completely around to all the vendors and were finishing up and the last thing we bought on the way out was this coconut that they chopped open so we could drink the water from it. It was really good so we bought 2 more to bring home to see if we could chop them open since they were $4 each or 3 for $10. After we drank the water it could be opened up and the coconut meat inside was delicious.

First time I have ever seen these at the flea market here !!!
This is our load and even in the heat and low vendor count we did okay !!!
This is a reminder why we don't regularly shop in summer down here. 94 degrees is really hot !!!

We stopped at the Arbys we always eat lunch at and then headed up the mountain.  It was a beautiful drive up the mountain under this Carolina blue sky.
We always pass this huge building in Pumpkintown and always wonder what goes on in it on weekends. There is a sign that says Pumkintown Opera.

We decided to take a little off the beaten path road home that we used to use sometime when we pulled the boat down here because it wasn't as steep as pulling the mountain up highway 25. This road runs along a river and through some really pretty country .
We noticed a major change as a large lake that was so pretty and always had boats and skiers on it was all dried up and overgrown.
We got home around 2:00 and got unloaded.
We both crashed for naps after the early morning and heat of the day.
Both our knees are sore and we can definitely feel our age this evening as we go through regular chores.
I did the weekly paperwork and paid bills before icing all the cakes I baked yesterday.
I only have a couple orders for tomorrow and only 1 so far for Saturday telling me that regular folks are going to be dodging the busy streets of town this weekend of the Apple festival.
This is the 70th year of the annual festival and all the farmers are looking forward to all the extra folks who come to town.

 Hopefully the newly named tropical storm, Hermine, won't cause too much trouble with the new predicted path that brings him much closer to our area.

Rain and wind are not a good mix with all the tents and displays on the street during the festival.

Today is an end to a really up and down month for me. It started on a high of a great vacation with all the kids with a wonderful trip to Holden Beach, NC. However this trip ended very badly for me as I caught Hand, Foot and Mouth virus from g-daughter who had it at the beginning of the week. Luckily I got sick on Friday night after all our packing was done but it was a rough ride home Saturday.
I fought this sickness for over 2 weeks with a busy schedule mixed in as d-in-love went back to work full time, leaving g-daughter to be cared for 1/2 week by me and 1/2 week by other g-ma. I also came home to a garden brimming with ripe produce that needed to be canned. I have done dilly beans, salsa, pasta sauce and canned tomatoes along with the busy baking that always comes this time of year. I also attended a couple of daughter's volleyball games as her teams are doing very good this year so far and are both undefeated.
G-son started his 4th grade year at school and seems to be happy with his teacher so far.
#1 son's family are settling into a new schedule with the return to work of d-in-love and back to school of g-son.
#2 son and Tif  have had a vehicle changing month. First she traded her mustang in and leased a new Toyota Four Runner and then son sold his big Ford truck and bought an old 1994 4-wheel drive beater to get back and forth to work in. Tif picked out her wedding dress on the last weekend of the month to get the wedding plans kicked off.
Daughter and Josh have settled into married life easily and are both busy with the start of the new school year. Her as a High School teacher and he at the Boys and Girls Club.
The weather has been typical of late summer with lots of rain this month and one terrible lightening storm with temps staying in the mid 80's to 90.
We are all very thankful for the blessings of the Lord this past month and are looking forward to what He has in store for us in the coming months.
I'm writing this Thursday and backdating it as it was almost midnight when I got finished with everything last night.
Thankful to God for safe travel today and for His blessings.
God Bless and Good Night.

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