Thursday, September 1, 2016


September started off pretty calm today with regular chores on a beautiful morning. As I did chores I noticed these pretty Morning Glories smiling up at me to brighten the day. I also love the leaf shapes on these plants.

Got to market on time but sales were pretty slow. I am thankful for what I did sell and all the floks who came in today to pick up their weekend cakes so they wouldn't have to come back into town over the weekend. It was a slow , hot day and I just wanted to take a nap kind of day !!!!!
In another line of first starts for the kids today was g-daughter's turn for a new start to a couple days a week pre-school venture . D-in-love said she enjoyed it very much .
After market I ran my errands and tried to beat the storm that looked like it was racing me to my house . Each time I went into Sav Mor, Aldi and Walmart I carried my umbrella in but never needed it. By the time I got home the wind was blowing leaves off the trees and I could hear thunder in the distance and feel a light mist of rain falling as I unloaded the Honda and got things put away.
Thankfully I got everything done and got to relax with the 4-legged kids while I watched the storm pass to the north and east of our area.
After hubbie came home we watched the news then did chores.
There was a beautiful sunset tonight with the remaining clouds.
Hubbie searched his Muscadine vines for any sign of fruit but the late freezing temps of the spring must have froze them out this year.
The view from here pic for September is greener this year than many in the past with all the rains we have had.
Speaking of rain it looks like now Hurricane Hermine is going to wreak havok on any Labor Day weekend beach plans all up the east coast.

Even our area is going to get some rain and wind from the storm is the current path holds. At least this new path has shifted a little to the east reducing the effects here.

I know the apple farmers are keeping a weary eye on this storm for the weekend apple festival.
I talked to daughter and neither of her teams are still undefeated after tonight as they went to West Henderson and lost this evening.
Thankful for a blessing filled day and praying for all the folks in the path of Hermine.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You look so comfy sitting in your chair at Market. Glad g-daughter enjoyed her first day at pre-school. i remember my son's first day - he had a blast. Hoping Hermine doesn't do any damage to your area. My son who lives in Athens, GA may be in for a lot of rain. Enjoy your weekend and may God continue to bless you and your family.