Sunday, September 11, 2016


As I went through chores this morning my thoughts went back to this day 15 years ago. I remember it was a Tuesday and I was at the Curb Market when we got word of the horrible news that planes had flown into the World Trade towers in New York City.  Rumors started flying all around about what happened because we didn't have a radio or TV and no cell phones as we have today with all the current news at our fingertips.  Later that day when I got home and turned the TV on the horrific coverage of the terrorist attack was on every channel.  Fear griped my heart along with everyone else in our once safe and secure country, or at least we had believed that we were safe and secure in this country !!!!   I knew at that moment that I would never feel the same as I had just hours before this happened.  As the fear subsided and was replaced with guarded optimism I knew that my world as I knew it up until this day would never be the same. I was sad to think that my kids and grandkids would never know the same secure feelings that I had known.  It is easy to say that this day and all the folks who lost their lives in this attack will never be forgotten !!!
Church was good today as we celebrated the Lord's supper . They announced that a family of 5 people was saved yesterday at Block Blast making all the hard work well worth the effort.
We came home to a lunch of smoked ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn and biscuits with #1 son's family.
After we all ate we got ready for g-daughter's first birthday celebration.

 After Block Blast yesterday the large tent was left up and it was the perfect place to celebrate.

 The family !!!!

Pawpaw provided some bubble entertainment while we waited for all the guest to arrive.

With a little encouragement from big brother she dived into her little smash cake.

She discovered opening presents and getting all the pretty gifts was great !!!!

EL and Mattie were on hand to show her how things worked !!!

It was a great party and g-daughter had a blast for her first birthday and when it was all over she crashed !!!
We came home and did chores and then had the last of our watermelon for a late supper.
This has been a great day filled with family and fun and all the blessings of Jesus Christ. As we celebrated I know that this is not a day of celebration for many in our country and I pray for each of those tonight and prayerfully ask God to watch over our back sliding country at this time. May we find future leaders who turn to God for guidance in their decisions.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little granddaughter. Her 1st birthday is a day fro thankful blessings from God. May God bless you and your family.