Thursday, September 29, 2016


A chilly 51 degree morning to make it really Fall feeling today. I brought out my cover-alls for the first time this morning to wear over my clothes to get chores done.
I made some changes to my outfit for the day as I really don't know how the predicted high of 68 is going to feel later today and I'm sure the fans will still be running at market.
As I sit here at market waiting on customers I am looking at my fingernails and wondering how they are going to look when they finish peeling off. Even after almost 2 months the Hand Foot and Mouth virus hasn't finished with me yet and is causing this. It looks like I will loose at least 2 nails off each hand right now. My toe nails are painted so I'm not sure how many of those I may loose, sigh !!!
My knees are getting better thankfully but are pretty sore today after all the lifting and turning I did in the basement yesterday.
Market is very slow as I expected today but I had several orders so that makes a pretty good last market day of September.
I brought some of the little Strawberry popcorn out to sell today but no one has even noticed it yet.

Hubbie came by and brought me a Greek Salad from Hot Dog World, my favorite , for lunch today, thanks hon !!
After I left market I ran my regular errands and headed out of town. This is a picture of our little town.
I shopped for baking supplies and groceries at Aldi and Walmart and made it home around 4:00.
I got unloaded and got things put away in time to head out to school to the volleyball game.
They were playing East Henderson today and won both sets very quickly. The varsity also won their game easily.

I made it home in time to watch the news before doing the evening chores. It is still chilly this evening with the high temp of the day getting to 74 .
As expected Mathew has already turned into a hurricane and has a strange projected path that could be our drought breaker in this area.
Tonight I am praying for this sweet little boy as he fights for his life after a school shooting yesterday.
In Anderson county SC at Townville elementary a 14 year old troubled young man showed up on the playground and opened fire on students and teachers. Fortunately no one was killed but this little boy named Jacob lost a massive amount of blood and is fighting for his life today. They found the 14 year old's father shot to death in their home sadly. The teenager was killed on the scene  by police.
Prayers for Jacob !!!

Each evening I more and more each day hate to turn on the news as seems like every day now there is tragedy some where.
Hubbie said he saw this sign today and thought this is the only way this country is going to overcome all the killing and devastation that is in the news each day.
To make matters worse tonight daughter called and said they got news just after the volleyball game tonight that one of the senior boys at her school shot himself today. I ask again what in the world is the world coming to ????
Praying tonight for little Jacob and also for this young man's family as they go through this "valley" for this young man's suicide. May God wrap His loving ,comforting arms around all involved and show them that His love is greater than any earthly feeling.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

So sad about what is happening in this world. I pray every day that God keeps His Hand of blessing on the USA. Have a great weekend. Blessings