Saturday, September 10, 2016


Up early and off to market to hopefully have a good sales day . The Mountain State fair started yesterday and typically during fair days we are slow at market.
The morning started out slow and pretty much stayed that way all day for the slowest day I've had in quiet a while. At least I had several orders that got picked up so I am very thankful for all I did sell.
A dear life long neighbor passed away  this week. All the time I was growing up I always thought Francis and Agnes Corn were the prettiest ladies I had ever seen. They were always so tanned and dressed so nicely as a young girl I admired them so much.  They were raised just across the road from our place and I remember spending a lot of time in Pink and Helen's,(Fran's mom and dad) care while my parents worked in our fields beside their house. I remember being mesmerized by the looms in their weaving shop where they made hand woven rugs. They also had a small swimming pool in the yard and Fran and Agnes would lay out in the sun around this little pool. To me that was just heavenly !!!
Agnes died several years ago and last week Francis died at the age of 81 with heart problems. Fran had not been healthy in several years and is now pain free in our Father's arms.
This is a recent picture of Fran with her only granddaughter Brianna Floyd.

After I left market I stopped at Big Lots to see what kind of small recliners they had. I didn't find a recliner but the shelves were crammed full of "pumpkin" everything as a sure sign of the coming Fall season.

But this display seemed a tad early to me !!???

I also made stops at Aldi and Walmart and made it home about 4:15. I unloaded  things and put everything away.
Hubbie was up at church since 1:00 helping with the annual Block Blast we always host for the community. I was so tired from sitting in the heat at market I didn't go up there this year. Instead me and my 4-legged kids relaxed for a while to cool off .
Hubbie came in shortly and said there was a pretty good crowd this year at the Block Blast.

I have tried to think of another way to preserve the basket of tomatoes that has sat on my table all week and I ran across an interesting recipe in one of my preserving food books. I had to laugh at the name of the recipe.  It is called "Tomato Junk" !!!
You don't scald the skins off the tomatoes but just wash and quarter them. In a big pot with the tomatoes you add Bell Pepper, Onion and Celery all chopped up plus 12 cloves of Garlic.
This is all cooked for about 30 minutes and let cool then put into the freezer.
This recipe sounds perfect for what I have been looking for to season my chicken tenders and other meats in the pressure pot.
That is how I spent a lot of time this evening getting this in my freezer.

  I also made a banana pudding for tomorrow's lunch dessert from some over ripe bananas we had.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying that the activities at church today brought the love of Jesus to at least one lost soul today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

That tomato junk sounds sounds interesting; I'll have to give it a t try. Blessings