Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Out to do chores on a still cloudy but clearing mid 60's morning.
After breakfast and devotions I took a nice walk to marvel at all the beauty this time of year brings and the leaves aren't even starting to put on their show yet.

There is an abundance of Walnuts this year and the squirrels don't seem to be harvesting many at all ?
Also the acorns are large this year, but fewer in number that I have seen in some years past.
Hubbie's Asparagus patch has done well this year.
I came inside to bake a coconut cake for a special order.  While it was in the oven I sewed up my one item for today in this medium sized pink bonnet.

After lunch the sun had mostly won the battle with the clouds so I went out to soak up some vitamin D knowing these days are surely numbered !!
Back inside I decided to work downstairs clearing out the items we don't need and getting things more organized. I worked all afternoon until Re and kids came over to borrow the vacuum and let the kids play a little while with Pawpaw as he came in from work.
I had a pretty big pile of trash for hubbie to load up from my afternoon of cleaning.
After they left hubbie and I rested and watched the evening news before heading out to get the evening chores done.
The "M", Mathew, Atlantic tropical storm was named today and is expected to reach hurricane strength quickly as it churns through the very warm waters of the Caribbean.

Hubbie gleaned the garden and found more tomatoes, bell pepper and yellow squash for some fresh vegetables.
I worked in my office on weekly paperwork and paid bills until Survivor came on then after the show I iced the coconut cake and got things ready for market.
To finish the decade pics for September back in September 2006 we were getting ready to welcome our first grandchild into the world and we gave the happy parents a shower at church.

Comparing bellies !!!!!

Thankful for the memories and this special addition to our family.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and the strength He gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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