Monday, September 19, 2016


Found a disappointing 1/10th inch of rain in the gauge this morning so the promised overnight rain didn't materialize.
G-daughter arrived a little after 7am today and hubbie got up to get her breakfast while I did chores.
G-daughter is cutting some new teeth and is fussy this morning and won't eat.
Hubbie left at 8:15 to get to Asheville to have his yearly physical and bloodwork. Thankfully he checked out healthy unless something comes back in his bloodwork that isn't normal.
He came home at 10:30. I had already tried to get g-daughter to take a nap a couple times so he tried when he got home.
I spent the morning between taking care of her doing our weekly laundry.
Finally around noon g-daughter went down for a 30 minute nap in the crib.
We had lunch then tried to get her to eat when she work up but she still had no appetite. I found this stuffed dog that sings songs and she loved it.

 She wanted to go outside and swing so while I did more laundry hubbie took her to swing. She almost went to sleep in the swing.

After mom picked her up hubbie and I watched the news. The news is so full of bad things these days it is hard to watch.
Yesterday there were bombs set off in New Jersey and New York injuring many people but thankfully none seriously. Today police caught this Afghan man who is a suspect in these bombings,
Around here the gas shortage is getting worse as many stations are now out of gas.
Word came today that they are building a by-pass around the leak in the pipeline to get gas flowing back to our area hopefully by the end of the week. This is the Colonial Pipeline and the leak is in Alabama.
After chores hubbie and I sat outside and watched the clouds build around the southern horizon as the outer bands of Julia bring rain to those areas but it won't reach us.

It was "pirate day" at g-son's school today and this is what he looked like and he had a pirate name taped to his shirt when he came in this evening, One Eyed Scurvy .

Praying tonight for our country and our leaders ,may they look to God for guidance before it is to late.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

The bombings over the weekend made me really sad and frightful. I know God has a plan for all of us and I do trust Him , but I'm still scared. Sure hope they can get that pipeline fixed soon and you all can get gasoline soon. Blessings