Friday, September 30, 2016


This last day of September 2016 dawns cool and beautiful with the lowest morning temp so far in the season of 48 degrees.
After chores , breakfast and devotions I took a nice walk. As I walked I heard a commotion down on the road and looked to see someone had lost several rolls of sod in the roadway.
Soon the fire department appeared and cleared the road. Someone is going to be really disappointed when they discover they lost that much of their sod when they get home.
After my walk I baked cakes, 12 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut, 4 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake.  I had a late lunch then rested out in the warm sunshine for a few minutes.
Back inside I did my sewing for the day and made this large bonnet. October is usually a good bonnet selling time with all the church's homecomings and such events.
I spent the rest of the afternoon working downstairs getting more "stuff" gone through and arranged.
Hubbie was impressed with my progress when he got home.
We watched the news then did evening chores. The high temp today was 75 but it is dropping like a rock this evening. A breeze kicked up making it uncomfortable to sit outside tonight.
I spent the evening icing my cakes.
D-in-love called and said she had stayed out of work today and took g-son to the doctor with a really bad sore throat. The strep test was negative but the doctor said his throat looked so bad she gave him antibiotics anyway. Poor little guy he hasn't felt well for a couple weeks.
The big news right now is the surprising cat. 4 hurricane that Mathew has turned into as he bears down on Jamaica and Cuba.

As this Septmeber comes to an end and I look back over the month I am reminded of how blessed I am.
Starting the month off was a fun and family filled Labor Day weekend. We attended the Apple Festival on Friday night and then went on a family 7.5 mile bike ride on Monday through the new nature trail that the county has put in linking Berkley park, Jackson park and Patton park.
G-daughter turned 1 year old and had her first birthday party under the big tent at church. She also started going to a little pre-school a couple mornings a week as she is so social and enjoys other kids so much.

With a little slow down in my market schedule I have attended all daughter's JV teams volleyball games this year and a couple varsity so far. It is a joy to watch her guide these young players to win most of the games.

We had a minor gas shortage that put lines at all the gas pumps and caused empty gas tanks at many stations around our area when the major supply pipeline to this area had a leak and had to be shut down. This brought back unpleasant memories for hubbie and I as we remembered going through the gas shortage in the 70's and spending many hours in gas lines.
I have been blessed spending time with all four of these special youngsters this month and watching them grow.

The weather has been in the news all month long as this September broke a long time record set back in 1933 for the warmest September on record. The difference was only 1/10th but it broke the old record of 79.8 and was 79.9 this year.

 It was also one of the driest Septembers on record with less than an inch of rain for the entire month.
I am very thankful to God that he chose to bless my family as He did in this month and am looking forward to His plans for us in October.
God Bless and Good Night.

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