Saturday, October 1, 2016


BRRRRR !!!! a 43 degree morning prompted a wardrobe change to long jeans and a jacket to start this first day of October 2016.
Re brought some eggs and extra snack cakes over to sell and hubbie met daughter with her apple pies on the way to market so hopefully we will have a busy day.
Today is the Farm/ City day celebration at Jackson park but there is an art show on Main street so we may benefit from that.
I arrived a few minutes early and there were already several customers browsing around.
We got set up and sales were good today,thankfully with several multi cake orders to fill which always makes for a good day. Making me glad I did those extra 6 caramel cakes instead of the 6 I thought about doing.
Had visits from a couple friends I haven't seen in a while that were nice.
After market I made stops at the Co-op for more Hybiscus tea and beet slaw, yum , then stopped at Aldi for baking supplies.
On the drive home i had to stop and make a couple pics to show that there isn't any pretty fall leaf color yet but , OH that clear deep blue Fall sky !!!!

I made it home at 3:00 and hubbie helped get things unloaded and put away. A customer came after cake just as we finished and then we relaxed and enjoyed the cool crisp evening.
Unfortunately in the news today there came word that the 6 year old that was shot in last weeks school shooting lost his battle today. After he lost 75 % of his blood he has been fighting for his life since he was shot in a main artery.
Prayers tonight to his family.
It is going to be another cool night with the temp at 60 at 9:30 tonight and expected to again be in the 40's in the morning.
Hubbie and I are both fighting sore throats and runny noses tonight hoping we can avoid full blown colds with the first cooler temps of the season.
Thankful for the blessings of the day and  His everlasting love.
God Bless and Good Night.

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