Monday, October 10, 2016


7am alarm for me as well as hubbie this Monday morning. I have to get ready and be at the doctor's office in Asheville at 8:15 to have my bloodwork re-checked to see if my cholesterol is down any from my June physical bloodwork.
It is very cool this morning with a low 40's temp.
This is an interesting drone photo of downtown Hendersonville at 8am today.
Hubbie has to get g-daughter and entertain her until I get back from the doctor..
I was expecting heavy traffic on my way over to Biltmore where my Doc's office is but was pleasantly surprised and made it with time to spare.
It was a quick visit and then I stopped at the Biltmore house gatehouse for a supply of my Wassail mix that I use in my green tea. I expected it to look more Fall like this time of year instead of all the green !!
On my way home through Terry's Gap the mountains were still very green with very little color showing up yet even at the highest elevations.

When I got home I got laundry started and then played with g-daughter between laundry loads.
She is on the move now walking everywhere and is so curious about everything.

She enjoyed playing in the "playroom" with all the toys in there.

After lunch hubbie went to Columbus NC to see his dentist to get his teeth cleaned and g-daughter helped my downstairs with the laundry.

Sometimes that curiousity gets you in trouble  !!!!!  
But a smile was quick to come back and more new things to "taste" !!!
Her mom picked her up a little early to go with her to see her doctor and I picked up g-son from his spelling bee practice after school.
Hubbie got home from the dentist and g-son stayed with him while I went to the last home volleyball game of the season. Daughter's JV team won two quick sets for the victory over Pisgah High school.

 It was senior night and the varsity honored their three seniors between the JV and varsity games. The varsity team also won their game.
I came home after the ceremony to get the chores done before dark.
Hubbie and I watched the news and the flooding in eastern NC got worse today after several dams burst in Lumberton putting rivers at record high flood levels.

The death tole is now at 25 with 10 deaths in North Carolina, 9 in Florida, 3 in Georgia and 3 in South Carolina. There are 1500 residents now stranded in the rising flood waters after the dams burst today in NC and many roads are washed out making rescue efforts very challenging.
Hubbie and I changed the bed around in the "playroom" tonight taking the box springs out of it  in hopes that g-daughter might sleep on the twin bed with only the mattress on it making it closer to the floor if she rolls out of it.  She only slept 20 minutes in the crib today and she was so tired when she got up she sat motionless for 30 more minutes but refused to go back to sleep. With all her walking around now she is getting much more tired and needs more sleep for sure.
Here is another drone photo of Hendersonville at 7pm this evening .
Thanking God for all the blessings He sent my way today and praying for all the flood victims that they may stay safe.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Wow, I can't believe g-daughter is walking already. She is getting so big so fast. The colors around me are slowly starting to change and the nights are getting cooler also. I keep praying for all the people affected by the flooding. Blessings