Monday, October 24, 2016


Early wake up as g-daughter arrived at 7am to get this week off to a busy start.
After chores and breakfast we headed on a shopping trip. I want a storage bench to keep all the kids toys in under the bay window in the living room. This will serve two purposes, (1) as a toy box to keep all the toys out of sight when the kids aren't here, (2) it will provide a couple extra seats in the living room when all the family gathers in there.
Target has the bench I like the best online but I wanted to see it in "person" so off we went to Target.
She finally has enough hair to blow in the wind !!!!
She was a willing ,happy shopper as always today.
They didn't have the bench I liked so we checked out a couple other stores in the area. In this Big Lots g-daughter couldn't keep her eyes off all these lighted moving Christmas decorations.
Oh !  If I could only touch these !!!!  I have a feeling Christmas time is going to be exciting this year !!
We came home empty handed ,well I did find a brown purse I had to have in target , but not the storage bench I went after .
I will have to order one online and hope for the best !!
Back home we had lunch of left overs from yesterday's lunch and g-daughter decided she did like lasagna after all and ate a good lunch.
Her and Pawpaw played while I did three loads of laundry and got all last weeks clean laundry put away this afternoon.
I worked a little downstairs when she went down for a short 30 minute nap so I would not wake her up going up and down the stairs.
After her mom picked her up hubbie went out to mulch the leaves and created a huge dust storm before he decided that might not be a good way to deal with the leaves this year !!!
I did my sewing project for the day and made this large flowered bonnet.
I just thought my canning season was over for this year !!   When hubbie gathered these bell peppers and then noted we were out of the relish I make I knew my canning tools were going to make another appearance this season.
After chores tonight I chopped all these peppers and 6 large onions ,the last of the Vadalia onions hubbie's friend always gets for us in Georgia every year. I mixed these with vinegar, salt,sugar and spices and simmered it on the stove while I got all the jars ready and the waterbath canner going.
The last time I made this relish we had enough for 2 years and I'm thinking it will be the same this time as I got 14 half pints and 5 pints to go on the storage shelves.
Since I have all the canning stuff out I will probably make some apple butter from some of the Hoover apples Cheryl brought me last week to extend my canning season at least one more day !
I finished all the canning about 10:00 tonight and then blogged and headed for bed.
I am grateful each day for the strength that God gives me and I strive to glorify Him in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

G-daughter gets cuter with every picture. Don't you just get frustrated when you go to the store for something and they don't have it? I know I do. Looks like you are set with relish for another two years. Have a great day Blessings