Tuesday, October 11, 2016


We got a really early wake up call this morning as about 1am we got a call from #1 son needing help getting Ceyenne the horse back in the pasture. He said she was in front of his house down on the road. Aa had the kids as Re was working so he called us for help. He said he had tried to get to the gate to open it but she charged at him and he had to take cover behind his car.
Hubbie went down through the pasture and I went down the driveway to head her off if she came back up the drive.
She found the open gate where hubbie was when he whistled for her. She was really worked up from running around in the darkness and we wondered how she got out of the pasture. We found the upper gate had came untied and she had pushed it open. Better that than found that she jumped through the barbwire fence.
We headed back to bed and to warm up as it is already 44 degrees outside.
I had trouble going back to sleep as my heartburn flared up again after the alka seltzer I had taken earlier calmed it down.
At 7am I woke sleepy headed to g-daughter's arrival. It was still too dark and now at 40 degrees to cold to do the chores so g-daughter and I got an extra 30 minute snooze today.
I took her to pre-school and she insisted on walking in and soaked in all the attention it got her !!!
Back home I did chores then read the Bible and started house cleaning. I need to try some short walks now to see if I can strengthen my knee since it has almost stopped hurting but I'll start that tomorrow.
Time to go pick up g-daughter comes fast when I am busy.
She was really pooped out today after all the walking she had done. The teachers in there said she would be moving up soon to the next class. That is good and bad since she probably will have more fun with walking toddlers to play with but she knows the ladies in this class and seems to really like them. Guess we will find out how she likes the move soon.
She was asleep before I got out of the parking lot and after carrying her inside in her carseat she slept about 30 more minutes.
She was not eating any lunch today of all the food I offered her she would only have some cheese puffs and strawberry yogurt bites.
While I am in the bathroom she likes to play in this cabinet, removing all the contents.
Note to g-daughter "remove face before slamming doors shut" !!!!!!!

Her bruise for the day !!!

She was in a great mood this afternoon and we played outside in the nice sunny weather.
This is a special time in her life , a time of discovery and awe in all things.

She was fascinated by her shadow !!!
And watched the chickens for a very long time.
And of course we can't go outside and not swing at least a little until she got really sleepy !!

I put her to sleep in the lowered bed we fixed last night and it worked really well. She slept until her mom came to pick her up.
"Spongebob" took my place when I sneaked off the bed !
G-son will turn his first "double digit" birthday on Sunday and with the rest of the week busy we decided to take him out for supper at the place of his choice and then shopping for a birthday present. I have no idea what to get a big 10 year old boy for his birthday ???
He chose Little Ceasars pizza for his supper and Josh and daughter joined us there.
Then it was on to Game Stop to look over the video games .
 He was so happy it did my heart good. He loved being the boss for a while and he chose to ride with Josh from the pizza place because he had never rode with him before and it would be "just the guys" in Josh's car since he met us straight from work and daughter had came from home !!!!
I can tell when he is really excited because he talks a mile a minute and Josh got an earfull I'm sure tonight !!!
We finished the shopping excursion at Walmart and made it home a little after 8:00 for his 8:30 bedtime.  He just kept thanking us for taking him out !!!!!
It was a great early happy birthday for him !!!
Hubbie went straight to bed when we got home as his head cold is still bothering him and he was tired.
I checked out my recent blog book that came today and found a month's worth of photographs were omitted from the post for the second time . They had to re-do the last book I had them do also for the same problem. Blog2print is who I have using and after the first couple books were really good I don't know why these last two books have had this problem. When I call they know imediately that there is a problem because when I edited the book and sent it to the printer it had 375 pages, the book I received today has 247 pages !!!!!
Grrrrrr !!!!  They fix it without any problem it is just a hassel to have to call and have them reprint it everytime.
More bad news for the flooding victims in eastern North Carolina as the death tole rose today to 17 in our state as more dams were breached and the water continued to rise. These are the rain totals for the hardest hit areas.
 The low temperature for tonight is supposed to get into the upper 30's for the first time this season. tomorrow night is the typical first frost date for our area but unless the forecast change it won't happen this year.

Thankful for a wonderful day filled with the blessings of grandkids and all the other blessings I received.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Wow, what a day you had. First with the horse then the fabulous birthday for g-son. That is a shame that your blogbook wasn't right again - so frustrating. We are still getting a lot of rain here - makes it hard to mow the lawn and rake leaves. Blessings