Friday, October 28, 2016


7am alarm this morning to get g-daughter and put her in the bed with me. She went right back to sleep and slept restlessly until 8:30.
I got her set buckled in her high chair with her breakfast and went outside to do the morning feeding chores. Usually when I get back she is in a tizzy wanting out of her chair but today she was watching cartoons happily munching on her blueberry pancakes.
I had my breakfast then she played while I did a walking video . It is nice outside but I'm not sure my knee is ready for pushing a stroller up these hills.
I missed the opportunity for a hilarious video as g-daughter got right in front of the computer screen an moved her hips and arms along with the video.
I put a bunch of toys in the kitchen and gated the door which she did not like at all but I needed to bake cakes for several orders I had taken.
She played more with boxes in the trash than her toys but at least she entertained herself for awhile.
She soon got tired and wanted to be held !!! I have memories of all my kids and grands hanging onto my legs while I cooked in this kitchen !!
When it was time to start taking hot cakes out of the ovens I had to put her in the highchair. She liked being up where she could see the mixer run .

I baked 12 caramel, 4 chocolate, 5 pound and 2 apple butter cakes before a late lunch.
Hubbie took half day off and picked up g-son on his way home since this is an early release day for the schools. They got here about 1:00 in time to have lunch with us.
G-daughter found a friend today !!!!

In the time it takes me to pee the bathroom resembles a tornado scene !!!!

Hubbie laid down with her and got her to sleep. She only slept about 30 minutes but woke up in a terrible mood and just wanted to cry .
After brother, hubbie and me tried everything we knew to do with her to get her out of this mood and nothing worked until hubbie took her back to bed. She finally went back to sleep and when she woke the second time she was in a bette but not completely different mood but at least she wasn't crying constantly.
G-son is getting so big !!!!
And his shoes are almost as big as mine. They are surely way too big for his little sister,but don't tell Miss Stubborn that !!!!
After d-in-love picked them up hubbie went out to work some in his shop, he started making these N.C. maps from pretty wood and painting some in the colors of the big state colleges and he was working on them.

Re came over with the kids for a few minutes and they played outside.
I did chores while hubbie helped Aa get some calves penned up to sell in the morning.
The mama cows were not happy to be separated from their babies and were very vocal about it .
I almost missed another beautiful sunset this evening as the horizon was loosing all the light when I took this pic.

I iced cakes and got into bed about 11:30 tonight.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the strength He gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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