Saturday, October 22, 2016


BRRRR !!!!  A windy 41 degrees this morning is really chilly as I head out to get the chores done and head off to market.
Market was pretty good today but a little slower than the past couple Saturdays .
It was a nice sunny day and the wind died down some but it stayed pretty chilly all day not getting out of the 50's .
I made a stop at Aldi on the way home for next weeks baking supplies. A smaller purchase than I have had in a long time as I really expect business to slow next week.
Hubbie helped me unload and get things put away then we groomed Bernie. Doing one of the dogs at a time about a month apart isn't so bad .
I worked some more downstairs today emptying some more shelves so I could put some of the plastic containers and tupperware from the upstairs cabinet down there for easy access.
With the first "frost" warning of the season I moved some of my most tender plants inside .

 I hate to move all the plants inside because after tonight there is no more near 30's temps for at least 2 weeks.
But with the prediction of mid 30's I get nervous for some of the plants.
We also gleaned the garden and got 1/2 bushel of bell peppers. We are out of the pepper/onion relish I canned so these will be great to restock that supply.
We are crossing our fingers for our tomatoes as they are still bearing some and have a lot of green ones still on them. We were going to cover them if the wind ever died enough not to blow the covers off but that didn't happen so we are just hoping it doesn't get that cold up on the hill.
It is still 48 degrees at 10:30 so I am hoping for only upper 30's lows.
The first cold spell and my first scratchy throat tonight , yuck !!!  Loading up on the Airborne.
Thankful for a blessed day .
God Bless and Good Night.

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