Tuesday, October 4, 2016


7:00 came early today with the arrival of g-daughter. I got her set up with her breakfast and went out to do the morning chores. It is seldom that I witness the sunrise but on these Tuesday mornings when g-daughter goes to pre-school at 8:30 and I get things done outside before I take her it is becoming a every week thing. But I will never ever tire of  God's welcoming glory to each new day !!
G-daughter was not happy that I went outside and left her today and her breakfast was all over the kitchen floor as far as she could toss it from her highchair when I came back inside.
While I ate my breakfast she calmed down and had a few bites of waffle before it was time to leave.
When she got in her classroom she started right in playing with a couple other babies and didn't even notice me leave.
I came home to get some housecleaning done and get started changing out my apple decor for pumpkins and scarecrows !!!
When I went back to pick g-daughter up she was very tired after playing all morning with no nap. She slept all the way home but woke up soon after she was inside. Hubbie took this afternoon off work so that I could go to the doctor with my knee.
We now have a walk in clinic in Fletcher with Blue Ridge Bone and Joint doctors . The doctors all take turns staffing this clinic which is on the second floor to one of their regular offices.
#2 son had told me about this clinic after he had tendonitis this summer and he went there.
I have dealt with this painful knee long enough and needed some relief so after I ate lunch I headed over there while hubbie stayed with g-daughter.
I was pleasantly surprised that I was the only patient there at the time I went.
I had x-rays and saw Dr. Shea  before I could even get the paperwork finished that they gave me when I first checked in.
The x-ray of my knees showed my right knee is almost bone on bone but my painful left knee looks great. With even spacing and no damage visible. He said that is good news and bad news.
Good news there is no sign of anything that could be causing my pain on the x-ray so hopefully it is an inflamation because there was extra fluid on my knee.
Bad news if this isn't the problem I probably have ligament damage and will require a MRI for a diagnosis.
He excused himself to go get the "tray" he needed to draw fluid off and give the cortisone injection.
While he was gone I felt sick at my stomach not knowing what this was going to be like and remembering horror stories from my dad when he would have this done to his knees.
Thankfully it was painless and quick for me. The Lidocaine did its job and my numbed knee felt better than it has in months !!!
He actually drew out more fluid than he thought was there but was pleased that it had no blood or pus in it.
They are sending it off to check for bacteria anyway and will know by the end of the week. Praying for no news in this case !!!
I felt the cortisone injection pressure but still no pain .
I was very pleased with this clinic as I was in and out in under an hour. I'm sure there are more busy times but I thank them for the timely manner in which my visit was handled.
I drove home and kept my leg up all I could this evening as it is pretty sore .
He said I should be able to tell a big difference by Saturday, PRAYING this works !!!!!
With laying around this afternoon while g-daughter took her nap I watched the weather channel with news of the major hurricane that slammed the impoverished nation of Haiti this morning and is now on track to get even closer to the US coast.
This is an image as it came ashore in Haiti.
The governor of SC has ordered an evacuation of all coastal communities starting tomorrow at 3:00.
Also the "N" storm was named today, Nicole will be forced out to sea with the energy from Mathew.

After chores this evening I did some sewing. My daily item for today and also another bonnet for yesterday as I didn't have time to get any sewing done yesterday.
Hubbie helped me vacuum and change the bedclothes tonight so I can hopefully get everything else done tomorrow.
Talked to daughter tonight and she said her teams both won their volleyball games tonight at Tuscola High school.
Thankful to my loving Lord tonight for His presence today and always. Praying for all the folks in the path of the storm and praying that it be His will that this cures my knee pain.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I am so thankful you were able to get some doctor care for your knee. Praying this gives you some much needed relief. I also am praying for all the people that are and will be affected by Matthew. Blessings