Monday, October 3, 2016


A busy Monday morning to begin this first week in October.
These three were all here for the morning.
These two played well together early .
Later in the morning they all got sort of ill probably because they all have snotty noses and don't feel great. EL just wanted to sit in my lap and look at books but BB had other ideas about my lap !!!
Both the littles took their turns crashing for rest time and short naps this morning.

After lunch Re came and picked EL and BB up for their afternoon naps, she doesn't feel well either so we all will probably pass around a cold and sore throat.
Hubbie and I had some errands to run this afternoon. We picked up chicken feed at Tractor Supply and groceries at Sam's Club. Our last stop was at our favorite apple house this time of year. When g-son used to stay with me all the time I have pics of him in this same pumpkin patch.
Today it was g-daughter's turn and she loved all the pumpkins and photo ops around the farm.

 I love this "growing memories" chart !!!
We headed home and got things unloaded and put away then we ended our day with more fun !!
 And relaxing ............

G-son tried out for his school's spelling bee this afternoon and will find out tomorrow if he made it.
It was a sunny low 70's day which ended with a darkening cloudy sky this evening but no rain.
Hurricane Mathew is slowly moving a devastating flood and catagory 4 wind strength toward Haiti and Cuba tonight and now it looks like he will turn further west toward the US east coast once he crosses the islands. With this path change North Carolina govenor McCroy has already declared a state of emergency for 66 counties in mid and eastern North Carolina.
Praying tonight for the folks in the path of the storm.
Thankful for the blessings of this day .
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I remember those days at the 'pumpkin patch" with my son. They are the times I cherish the most. Cute pictures. Blessings