Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hubbie was up 30 minutes before me this morning to help Aa get the calves they put up last night loaded in the trailer.
I did the chores and we were actually early to market by a few minutes this morning.
I am in another of my Halloween outfits today. I usually have a witch hat and maybe look a little more festive but with Halloween 2 days away this is all I did.
Market was okay for me because of all the large orders I had but traffic was really sparse today signaling the slow down I have been expecting .
Had a nice visit from a cousin I haven't seen in many years as she and her husband recently retired and moved back here on her parents farm. Joan and I had a nice long catch up time.
Visits from a couple old friends also helped pass a slow day thankfully.
I met daughter and a friend of hers at Aldi to drop off a couple cakes for a fund raiser the friend was helping with  before I did my shopping.
While I was shopping I got a call from a neighbor, Fred Pittillo who had talked to the tomato farmers that have the big field down across the creek from us and he said they were finished picking tomatoes over there and we were welcome to what ever we wanted.
I don't need any more to can but daughter said she would like some to make salsa out of.
After I got home and hubbie and I got things unloaded and put away we headed over to the field to see what was left.

They stopped irragating some time ago and the vines were starting to turn brown and drop their leaves. We managed to find some tomatoes but were amazed at how many were rotting on the vines.
We got us some to store downstairs and eat on for as long as they will last and also got some for all the family to eat.
It actually felt strange to be gleaning tomatoes with the summer time temps this afternoon. As I drove home from market this is the temp in the Honda. 81 degrees for this date broke a 70 year old record for another record high day for this October.

With the summer like weather for most of the month I guess that is why this just doesn't seem like the end of October to me. When I look at the first of November temps it looks like November surely isn't starting out like it should either ????
There is no sign of another hurricane as the season nears it's end for the year. These are the storms for this year .
I did chores then sat outside in the warm evening and watched the sun slowly sink bringing another beautiful Fall day to an end.

We finished the evening relaxing. Hubbie is switching back and forth on the TV between the Clemson/Florida football game and the Cubs/ Indians world series game. I ordered my storage bench online  tonight and am catching my blog up.
I will be glad to get into bed early tonight as I am very tired from this busy week and looking forward to a nice long Saturday night slumber.
Praising God for all the blessings He chooses to send my way each day and for all His grace.
God Bless and Good Night.

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