Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Another beautiful morning with  a crisp chill in the air and bright sunshine. My knee feels almost normal already this morning after the injection. I am prayerfully thankful that this seems to be working and nothing more serious is wrong.
After chores ,breakfast and devotion I opted not to walk today as the doc said to start out in 24-48 hours easily riding a bike. Plus I knew that the busy baking day ahead of me will give my knee a workout anyway.
I baked 12 caramel, 2 chocolate and 2 pound cakes before having a late lunch.
In climbing the basement stairs a couple times with the heavy ingredients for my cakes my knee is hurting again, not as bad as before but it is letting me know that it is not completely cured yet. The doc said it would be Saturday before I noticed significant difference so I'm hopeful.
I took a break out in the warm sunshine. The sun seems to feel so good this time of year and not really hot in the 70 degree afternoon. I got a short dose of vitamin D and then finished my inside Fall decorations.
With a new "little" getting around and so curious about everything I have  relocated some of the more fragile pieces to higher locations.
The outside decorations are staring me in the face but they will wait for another day. I need to get some sewing done today . I made this little girls bonnet and apron set both today as I know my sewing time tomorrow might not happen.

Hubbie and I watched the news and it looks like hurricane Mathew will again take a different path. This is scary as each day the predictions on where he will go change. Now the storm is going to be a cat. 4 storm and get really close to the Florida coast but turn out to sea before it hits the NC coast.

We did chores and then I got a call from d-in-love telling me some sad news. Her long time dog Roxie was bloody when they got home and #1 son had taken her to the emergency vet clinic across town. They said a cancerous growth on her neck had ruptured and she was in a lot of pain with a fever of 105 and she had evidence that the cancer had spread to her lungs. She had to be put down.
#1 son was bringing her home to bury and hubbie went down to help dig the grave.

G-son was upset but handled it well as he also helped bury her.

Roxie and my Dolly are the same age and in this pic from 12 years ago they a playful puppies.

D-in-love and Roxie on one of our beach trips.

#1 son and Roxie on hubbie's tractor.

R.I.P. Roxie you will be missed !

I did weekly paperwork and paid bills then iced cakes while watching Survivor on TV.
Both my knees are feeling the stress of this long day and all the standing I've done today.
I got to bed about 11:30.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for #1 son's family in their loss tonight  as well as all the storm victims in the path of Mathew.
God Bless and Good Night

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