Sunday, October 2, 2016


I woke up with the alarm this morning at 8:00 but the coolness of the 50 degree morning made me snuggle back under the covers. I didn't intend on going back to sleep because I slept well last night but the next time I looked at the clock it said 9:00, oh my !!!
Thankfully it is Sunday morning !!!
After hurrying through chores I got out frozen vegetables and helped hubbie get a big crock pot full of homemade soup going before I ate breakfast.
We have nursery duty at church this morning with Aa and Re . We took care of 6 little 2 year old and unders  today.
Hubbie had a short Deacon's meeting right after church so we had driven separately so I could get home and get the bread in the ovens along with some of the little petite quiches left over from daughter's wedding this summer.
Aa's family and #1 son's family made it to lunch today. #2 son and Tif have gone to her church in Rosman to talk to the preacher about marrying them and Josh and daughter are at Clemson watching a UNC / Clemson volleyball game.
After lunch we all re-gathered including #2 son at #1 son's house to move everyone 's things out of their upstairs. The upstairs in their house is unfinished and has become a storage place. Now they are getting ready to finish it into a bedroom for g-son and a playroom so it needs to be emptied out.
It looked like they were moving with all the trucks and trailers loaded in the yard.
It was good to have all the guys working together as is always the case in our family when things need to get done !!!
Now they are ready to get estimates on how much and when they can get the work up there done.
When hubbie and I got home we rested until choretime.
The sky clouded over and it got dark like we might get some rain but that didn't happen.
I am praying for the folks on the islands where hurricane Mathew is headed as he is holding on to his catagory 4 status even getting to cat 5 for about 6 hours today before dropping back to cat 4 strength.
They still aren't sure where it will turn after it gets over these islands but now the predictions are bringing it closer to the east coast of the US than they did yesterday.
We have a had a relaxing evening and are getting ready for another busy week !!
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and saying prayers for anyone in the storms path.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy Monday to you. After 4 days of rain we are finally seeing some sunshine. Blessings!!