Sunday, October 30, 2016


A very warm morning already when I headed out to do the chores before church .
Church was good from 2nd Samuel.
After church we had #1 son's family for lunch of pork loin, mashed potatoes, green beans,corn, biscuits and apple crisp for dessert.
G-daughter found a new thing to do today as she rode this horse but only went backward so far !!
After we ate everyone left to get ready for this afternoon's trunk or treat carnival at church and that included hubbie and I.
We got out the old Noah's ark and got it loaded in the Honda along with hubbie's Noah costume.
I am always Noah's wife !!

We did some chores early but since we had to be there at 4:30 to get set up we left a lot to do by flashlight when we get home.
There were about 15 "trunks" setting up when we got there and everyone was having fun.

The festivities started at 5:00 with a puppet show in the church.
There was a refreshment cart filled with popcorn and snow cones. Who would have thought snow cones would be popular at a Halloween event but with the hot afternoon they were the treat of choice.

Hayrides were offered on the brown  grass church lawn.
And of course the trick or treaters were plentiful at the trunks !!!

I am guessing we had close to 500 kids come through the line for a continuous supply of candy donated previously by church members.
Here are my favorite 2 trick or treaters !
A sweet little cupcake enjoyed her first on the move Halloween !!
And g-son found the perfect costume this afternoon as this Ninja is right up his alley !!
This target shooting "trunk" was a popular stop for all the kids. G-son shows off his shooting skills.
Cousins, Maci and Mattie Medlin were cute as buttons in their costumes.
It was a very fun evening for all involved and I only hope that we projected the love of Jesus Christ to the surrounding community tonight and may all the glory go to God .
It felt funny setting up this outside carnival this evening in the 79 degree temperature today and it was hard to find costumes that didn't really burn us up. We are usually scrambling to wear enough layers to keep warm at this event.
As I fed chickens and gathered eggs this afternoon I spotted this fellow and noted the length of the brown is more than the black ends which means a mild winter.

I have noticed the squirrels are not scrambling to harvest acorns and walnuts this year either and the predictions are for a mild winter I just hope we get some rain soon to dampen all the fire tender that is on the ground.
 Hubbie and I got home about 7:15 and finished the chores by flashlight and then unloaded the Honda and put things away.
#2 son and Tif came by for a nice visit and picked up their tomatoes we picked up yesterday.
Daughter and Josh picked theirs up earlier this afternoon before we left for the church. We have all ours spread out downstairs so we can keep an eye on them and hopefully they will keep at least for a while.
Thankful for the blessed day today and for a wonderful church family.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Your trunk or treat sounds like a lot of fun. G-son and g-daughter both loo so cute in their costumes. In your picture of g-dauhgter riding the horse she looks so much like g-son. Hopefully your caterpillar's stops are telling the truth and we have a mild winter. Blessings to you and your family.