Sunday, October 23, 2016


Bernie had a haircut at a bad time on the coolest night of the season so far so he had to have a little help keeping warm through the night. He enjoyed it and has worn it all day today even if he doesn't look happy !!
At least it didn't get cold enough overnight to frost this morning. The temp here at 7am was 38 ,it probably got a little lower before the sun started its warm up but there was no frost.
Hubbie and I put some of the plants I just sat inside the front door back outside until the temperature gets back down again which isn't in the foreseeable  forecast.
We did chores and had breakfast while the pan of lasagna cooked in the oven.
Church was good today from the book of Ezra.
After church #1 son's family were our only guest for lunch of lasagna , garlic toast and salad.
After we ate we met daughter and Josh at Jackson Park with all the bikes for a bike ride.
G-son has been asking to do this again since we did it on Labor day so today is a beautiful day for a ride.
We took off from the park this time so we wouldn't have any trouble finding a parking spot for all three vehicles.

A lot of this trail runs along the banks of what is commonly called Mud Creek but the Indian name for this waterway is Oklawaha . In fact this trail is called the Oklawaha greenway.
The water level is this creek looked good today despite the drought.
G-daughter who hadn't taken a nap all day refused to sleep on the 2 hour ride afraid she would miss something !!
We got home and got unloaded with enough time left to have a nice cup of hot tea and sit on the porch to enjoy the rest of this wonderful day. My knee thankfully did great with no pain and only a touch of soreness tonight. The most sore part tonight is my left hip but that is probably because I was tensed up trying to protect that knee !!!
I am grateful this evening for a wonderful Sunday and feel so blessed tonight.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Looks like so much fun. What a beautiful day for a bike ride. Glad you knee is holding up. Blessings