Sunday, October 9, 2016


Got to relax in bed a little extra this morning and it really felt good on this 43 degree morning. I woke up sometime earlier this morning and had to get my extra blanket with the cool breeze that was coming in the open windows.
When I went outside this morning I discovered it was a quite a bit more than a breeze as the yard was covered in leaves and pine cones that had blown off the trees. Some of my potted plants were blown over and the wind was still blowing pretty hard.
Hubbie has a cold and was coughing pretty badly so he decided to stay home from church today instead of spreading germs around .
When I got to church I discovered #1 son was also not feeling well this morning so d-in-love and I and the kids plus Aa's family were the only attendees at church today.
At lunch we had some left over "wedding BBQ"along with potatoes , baked and green beans, cole slaw and Re brought over some of their garden okra and fried it .
#1 son felt better and was here with d-in-love and the kids, Aa's family and Josh and daughter made it a table full.
After lunch everyone went outside to play with the kids awhile before nap time rolled around.
After they all left hubbie and I relaxed the afternoon away.
The news is not good from the flooding in our state from hurricane Mathew and there are so many roads flooded that the ones that are open were packed with traffic and mostly at a stand still with evacuees trying to get back to their homes. The worst flooding occurred inland around Lumberton,NC.

All the rivers in eastern North Carolina are at record levels today and predicted to stay that way for several days.

Some areas received 15 inches of rain in 12 hours.
Mathew will go down in history as one of the worst hurricanes to hit the US as it did make a short landfall at McClellanville ,SC.

There were at least 17 deaths in the US from the storm, 8 of those in North Carolina. The count could very well rise as the flooding in some places is still getting worse today.
He also still defies the forecasters as he continues northeast out to sea instead of the predicted south west circle path.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love of family and friends.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

i hope hubby is feeling better today as well as #1 son. Hurricane Matthew was such a bad hurricane. I am praying for all those affected by it's wrath and for the families of those who lost their life because of it. Blessings