Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Up extra early this morning before the sunrise to get ready for our annual Fall flea market trip.
Hubbie took today off since it is perfect weather we decided we had better go this week since a lot of the sellers are seasonal at this market and when October ends they take a winter break and won't be back until spring.
It was super chilly this morning with the thermometer reading 36 degrees at 7am and even a really chilly morning as we headed south today. Lucky #2 son just caught us right before we got on the interstate to come by a tire shop to pick him up and take him by the Post Office to get his and Tif's 4-runner to drive all day while the shop put new tires on his old truck and did some minor repairs to it.
I had on three layers and only was able to shed my jacket all morning as we walked around the market. It was kind of strange to see everyone in jackets down here after the last couple times we were sweating like crazy early here. Hubbie is in the brown .
As I was afraid a lot of the vendors spots were empty and that made for very low crowds.
This booth was the busiest there ,haha !!

Hubbie and I bought some roasted peanuts and took a break to enjoy some of them.
We left the market about 12:30 when we had made it all the way around and most of the vendors were packing up to leave. We probably bought the least we have ever bought on any of our trips today, we bought mostly food items.
At least we got our winter supply of sweet potatoes from the same vendor we always buy them from.
We stopped and had lunch at Arby's on the way out of Pickens and then came straight home.
The trees are still holding onto a lot of green leaves as we came up the mountain.
We unloaded and got things put away then hubbie blew all the leaves out of the gutters and the driveway ditches hoping that the rain forecast for Thursday will get here.
I did the weekly paperwork and paid bills then we did chores early as hubbie is meeting #2 son to take him back to pick up his truck and then going to g-son's last soccer game and I am taking daughter some homecoming week things and meeting Josh at the volleyball playoff game.
This is homecoming week at the high school where daughter works and each day has a theme. Today's theme was Walt Disney day and daughter's team of teachers did the 101 Dalmations, she is the Dalmation on the bottom left.
 The girls played very well tonight and defeated the team from Concord handily 3-0 and in only a little over an hour.

I came home and hubbie was already here. It got so dark they had to call the soccer game after two of the boys ran into each other.
We watched Survivor on TV then I finished out this busy day icing cakes and getting things ready for market. I fell into bed a little after midnight, whew !!!!
Thankful for the blessings of a wonderful day and praying for the family tonight.
God Bless and Good Night

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