Tuesday, October 18, 2016


7am wake up call as g-daughter arrived all bright eyed and not thinking of going back to sleep today.
As we had our breakfast my friend Cheryl McGraw dropped by and brought me a bushel of my favorite apple. These Hoovers are so great for applesauce and apple butter or just to eat, yum yum. Thanks Cheryl !!!
G-daughter and I headed out to her day care and this Hunter's moon was still high in the sky at 8:15 this morning.
Back home I did chores and finished my breakfast. I took a nice walk in the quickly warming morning. I finished my morning doing housework and thinking about some storage ideas for around the house.
After I picked g-daughter up she went to sleep as soon as we got in the car . Hubbie was here when we got home , he had taken the afternoon off to stay with g-daughter while I went to my knee re-check appointment.
G-daughter slept for over an hour while we ate lunch and I did more housework before getting ready to go to the doctor.
I was again fortunate to find an empty waiting room and a very timely visit. Doctor used this model to help explain when he thinks is causing my knee pain and the tweeks I seem to be unable to avoid.
He said the x-ray showed the most arthritic damage was on the outside of my knee, the part that keeps giving me the most trouble.
We are going to give my knee more time to heal with the cortisone injection still working to strengthen the knee and me exercising to strengthen my thigh and calf muscles.
I do feel better and stronger with each passing day .
I stopped by Walgreens on my way home and replaced my heating pas that stopped working a couple nights ago as the doctor also said heat to relax everything at night was good.
As I made the drive back through Terry's Gap I noticed alot more leaf color than there was 2 weeks ago.
Especially near the top of the mountain.

Hubbie and g-daughter were happily playing when I got here. She was jealous of her Pawpaw's lap even with Bernie !!!

She is becoming a good little bird watcher !
After her mom picked her up I cleaned off the porches and put out my Fall decorations finally.

After chores I did my sewing for the day with this little red checked baby bonnet.
As I walked back up to shut the doors on my hen houses for the night a pungent smell roused some old memories as I was reminded what a "bear" smells like. All my cousins were bear hunters when I grew up and that is a smell you never forget !!!  Hubbie walked by on his way to the barn and he smelled it also. He shined the flashlight he had all around in the trees but we couldn't see the bear but by the smell he must have been near by or had just recently passed  by my chicken pens.
I rode my stationary bike tonight for 5 minutes after 5 minutes of stretching per docs orders. I am supposed to add 2 minutes each night up to 30 minutes.
My knee actually felt better after the 5 minutes of bike pedaling, the cortisone my still need to move around in there.
D-in-love sent me this pic tonight of g-son's 4th grade class picture. He is such a handsome boy !
Gosh he is growing waaaaayyyy to fast !!!!!!!
The weather is going from these few days of record breaking heat to a 20 degree drop for the  weekend for our roller coaster ride October !!

Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for grace and love for all God's children as this election gets closer.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Interesting about your knee. Hope it is feeling much better real soon. Yes, your g-son is one handsome your man. Blessings